2008 Committee, Commission, Board Appointments


Facilities Planning and Implementation *

Mr. Nyhous, Mr. Schwartz

Finance Committee *

Mr. Graham, Mr. Nyhous

High Growth Coalition

Mr. Schwartz

Personnel Committee *

Mr. Stribling, Mr. Trumbo

Potomac River Basin Roundtable

Mr. Schwartz

Public Safety *

Mr. Stribling, Mr. Nyhous

Quantico Civilian / Military Community Relations Executive Council

Mr. Nyhous

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission

Mr. Stribling

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission CEO’s

Mr. Stribling

Rappahannock River Basin Commission

Mr. Schwartz

Regional Jail Board

Mr. Graham

Route 50 Traffic Calming Task Force

Mr. Trumbo

Town / County Liaison

Mr. Nyhous, Mr. Trumbo

Transportation Committee

Mr. Trumbo

VACo Region 7 HB 3202 Committee

Mr. Schwartz

Workforce Investment Commission (CLEO)

Mr. Graham


*Standing BOS Committees



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