Renita Poole – Goldvein Habitat Home

Project History

8/6/07 – Fauquier County Soil Scientists conduct test borings at Hawkins property in Goldvein – results show soil is unsuitable for conventional septic system.

8/7/07 – Accepted proposal from Dominion Soils for detailed soil analysis and septic system design.

8/9/07 – Property survey by DRH Design Group commences.

8/21/07 – DRH completes survey and presents results.

9/7/07 – Ordered 4 BR/2 BA panelized home from New Hope Construction ($4003.00 down payment).

9/14/07 – New Hope Construction notified to suspend home order.

11/6/07 – Well and septic permit application package delivered to Habitat.  Septic design calls for shallow drip alternative system.  Permit application to held in abeyance until property ownership is final.

Pending resolution of Court action on the property:  

Renita Poole has gained assurances from her husband’s former employer that they will provide labor and materials for footers for the home.

The New Hope Construction order will be modified to reflect a 3BR/2 BA home (approximate cost $40,000).

Estimates for the well and septic system installation to be solicited (rough expected costs $5,000 and $23,000 respectively).

Gain VDOT and County Health permits.

We expect completion of the home within 3 months of delivery from New Hope Construction.  There has been, and continues to be, a significant amount of community interest in helping this hardworking single Mom achieve her family’s new home.

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