Agency Comments

Project: SPEX08-MA-004 Dondoric Farm Limited Partnership, LLC, owner and Summerplace Farm Horse Show, LLC, applicant Summerplace Farm Horse Shows

Staff and agency comments are included below.  A staff comment showing how each review comment has been addressed follows in italics.

Zoning Office: A Site Plan Waiver has been submitted by the applicant, and is under review. The applicant is aware of the outstanding issues on the property, with the main one being the placement of the signs per the signage plan and removal of the mini-wooden barn from the property.  The applicant is also aware that approval for a Minor Site Plan is required prior to operating horse show).

A Dustless Surface Waiver has been applied for. The applicant and staff will deal with this administratively.

Sections 5-006, 5-901, and 5-910 of the Zoning Ordinance must be adhered to, including appropriate landscape buffering, adequate parking, safe vehicle access and exit to the site, signage and placement of structures and parking near lot lines. (The applicant is aware of these requirements and will work with the Zoning Office to address these on a Minor Site Plan or obtain a Site Plan Waiver.)

Health Department:  The applicant must obtain all applicable permits for potable water (for visitors and equine) food services, and portable toilets that are required prior to operation.  The applicant is aware of these requirements and will seek the appropriate approvals prior to operation.  These requirements are included in the conditions (Attachment 1).

VDOT:  All transportation conditions and road maintenance conditions are carried forward from the 2003 Special Exception and the applicant shall adhere to these.  Particular attention needs to be given to the placement of signs for Dondoric Farm, per the signage plat. These comments have been carried forward and put into the conditions (Attachment 1).

Signage requirements as shown on the submitted plans need to be adhered to. These requirements are included in the conditions of development (Attachment 1).

Sheriff: No comments were received.

Fire & Emergency Services: No objections were made.

Engineering/Soils Office: No comments were received.

Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF): The subject property is located in a VOF conservation easement, which restricts certain kinds of development on the property.  The horse shows as proposed are in compliance with the VOF contract as long as 1) no new entrances are built, 2) all signs on the property are limited to 3 x 3 feet, 3) any new structures are reviewed by VOF for compliance.  These requirements are summarized in the conditions of development. (Attachment 1)

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