Policy 9 Work Schedules and Attendance





The policy was revised to allow employees to request and implement flex-time schedules.


Procedures defining options for flex-time schedules and managing the program have been developed, and are available. These will be posted on the Intranet upon adoption of the revised policy.






         Definitions added:

o        Work week has been clarified

o        Full-time work week

o        Part-time work week

o        Routine work schedule

o        Alternative work schedule

o        Compressed week schedule

o        Non-exempt employee

o        Exempt employee

         The procedure for requesting/approving an alternative work schedule has been added

         Guidelines for implementing/terminating an alternative work schedule have been added

         Guidelines for providing break for employees have been added


         These definitions are required to differentiate between a routine work schedule (i.e., Monday Friday, 8:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m.) from an alternative work schedule (i.e., 9 workdays on, 1 day off during a pay cycle of two weeks).  Additionally, the work week (Saturday Friday) has been clarified to coincide with the two week pay cycle.








         Breaks are not required by law; this section provides recommended guidelines for breaks, at the discretion of the DH.




         No major deletions were made.