Department of Conservation and Recreation

WQIF Grant Committee

203 Governor Street

Richmond, VA 23219


Dear WQIF Grant Committee Members,


Fauquier County is pleased to submit a grant application for the Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund for your consideration.


Fauquier County believes that Riparian Buffer Easements are vital to the implementation of Tributary Strategies and the overall health of the Commonwealth’s water quality. Therefore, the County began cultivating partnerships with state, regional, and local agencies, as well as advocacy groups, several months ago to begin the discussion of implementing a Riparian Buffer Easement Program. A group of key stakeholders met over the course of four months to develop a work plan for implementation which resulted in all the groups signing a Declaration of Cooperation. In the Declaration of Cooperation all the key stakeholders pledged to continue working towards creating a countywide, self-sustaining Riparian Buffer Easement Program.


In order to launch such a program and demonstrate its success over time, two elements must be present: a dedicated staff person and water quality monitoring. A dedicated staff person would be responsible for researching, developing, coordinating, and implementing the Riparian Buffer Easement Program. This person would also continue the education and outreach efforts started with the key stakeholders group. As part of the overall program, the staff person would work with volunteer monitors to collect data. The data would be used to create a water quality baseline and demonstrate the benefits of riparian buffers over time. This information could then be used by the Commonwealth to help meet its Tributary Strategy goals of reducing non-point source pollution.  


Therefore, Fauquier County respectfully requests the Department of Conservation and Recreation fund its grant application for a full time staff position and water quality monitoring.


Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Fauquier County’s Water Resource Management Program Officer, Denise Harris, at (540) 349-1405.




Paul McCulla