Northern Fauquier County Sports Complex

Special Exception Application


Category 20 – Public Utilities

Revised January 3, 2005


This is an amended Statement of Justification that changes the water tank design and location and removes the sewage pumping station.


Type of Operation

The request for a Category 20 Special Exception is due to a proposed above ground water storage tank required for the development of the Northern Fauquier County Sports Complex.  Public water does not currently exist to the subject site.  Therefore, extensive studies and analyses have been completed to locate an adequate potable water supply to serve the proposed park.  A Phase I and Phase II Groundwater Investigation has also been conducted by Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc.  These studies determined the location, capacity and quality of underground water sources.  Patton Harris Rust & Associates (PHR+A), project engineers, then utilized this test data to determine the size and location of a water storage tank.  The storage tank is necessary to ensure an adequate potable water supply to the facilities proposed. 


The extent of the proposed potable water system includes withdrawal from an on-site well and then treated for the removal of iron and manganese.  The treatment facilities are to be housed in the maintenance building.  The distribution system will consist of looped 4” pipes with individual services running to the various usage points in the park.  The distribution system will be pressurized by booster pumps, which will draw from the water storage tank.


The final location of the water storage tank is shown on the Special Exception Plan.  It will be located approximately 20’ away from the back of the park’s maintenance facility, as shown on the SE plan, in order to easily access the water treatment operations housed within the maintenance building.


The design capacity of the waterworks was based on the daily water consumption rates given in the Waterworks Regulations, 12VAC5-590-690.  Based on the maximum daily attendance, the total estimated maximum day demand would be 12,760 gallons per day.


Virginia Department of Health (VDH) requires finished water storage capacity to meet approximately a two day anticipated demand.  Therefore, the water storage tank will provide a capacity of 23,000 gallons.


The tank will be an 18’ diameter bolted steel tank with a maximum height of 21’.

Hours of Operation

The Northern Fauquier County Sports Park will operate from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM seven days a week with possible extensions beyond 10:00 PM to accommodate specific game schedules and/or tournaments.   The park will primarily be used during the spring, summer and fall seasons.


Estimated Number of Patrons

Based upon the facilities provided, the anticipated demand for those facilities and the hours of operation, it is estimated that the park will have a maximum daily attendance of approximately 2,192 people.  The water demands are based on this maximum daily attendance calculation and the water tank has been designed to meet those needs.  


Proposed Number of Employees

The water storage tank will not require any on-site employees.   


Qualifications of Applicant and Operators

The Northern Fauquier County Sports Complex will be owned and operated by   the County of Fauquier.  The Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Department will have primary responsibility for operation and maintenance of the water tank.


Estimate of Traffic Impact of Proposed Use

An assessment of the traffic impact associated with the Northern Fauquier County Sports Complex was prepared by Kellerco.  A copy is on file with the County Planning office.


Vicinity or General Area to be Served

The Northern Fauquier County Sports Complex is part of the Parks and Recreation Departments’ county –wide recreation master plan.  It was identified to meet the recreation needs of those citizens living within the northern region of the County.  In addition, it has been identified to specially meet the needs of youth sports.  The water tank will only serve the Northern Sports Complex.


Building Façade and Architecture

The Category 20 Special Exception request does not include any architectural building, however the building façade of structures proposed within the park will be of a rural character and compliment the architectural styles prominent in Fauquier County.  The water tank will be located adjacent to the planned Maintenance building located on the property and will be painted a color to blend in with the surroundings and buildings.  The building will act as a screen for the water tank form the remainder of the park and additional plantings around the facility will provide additional cover and screening.  The plants/trees/shrubs to be used in this area are part of the site plan filing for the entire project.


Soils Engineering

At the time the water tank location is finalized, soil borings will be taken to determine the existing soil conditions.   Based on the results, the water tank foundation will be designed in accordance with specific geotechnical recommendations.



To the best of our knowledge, the proposed use conforms to the provisions of all applicable conditions and standards of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance and other regulations.