Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


Dunn Brothers, Inc., Owner/Applicant


January 13, 2004

Staff Lead:



Charles A. Floyd, Senior Planner

Community Development


Magisterial District:  Lee



Service District:  Bealeton





Oak Meadows Subdivision: Preliminary Plat PPLT04-LE-013


Topic Description:


The applicant is seeking Preliminary Plat approval to divide approximately 5.9 acres into nine (9) single-family residential lots ranging in size from ±20,000 to 24,633 square feet, with a 6,130 square foot residential tot lot.  The subject property is situated within the Bealeton Service District of the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan, and designated for Low-Density Residential.  Low Density Residential is classified as having between one (1) and three (3) lots per acre.  As proposed the Preliminary Plat is in conformance with the allocated density within the Comprehensive Plan. All lots within the development will be provided public water and sewer from the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (WSA).  A copy of the Preliminary Plat is attached.


The subject property was rezoned from Rural Agriculture (RA) to Residential-2 (R-2) on September 17, 1996 with proffers, which yielded a residential density not to exceed fifteen (15) lots.  Through the rezoning process the applicant proffered a cash contribution of $3,000 per lot, for all development beyond four (4), to help offset the capital improvement impacts to Fauquier County.  A copy of the proffer statement is attached.


The property to the west is the proposed Foxhaven subdivision, which is zoned Residential-4 (R-4) with proffers.  Property to the south is currently zoned Rural Agriculture (RA), but a rezoning application is expected to be submitted shortly.  Adjacent properties to the north across Oak Shade Road (Route 661) are zoned Rural Agriculture (RA), however to the northeast lies Meadowbrooke, a single-family residential subdivision zoned R-2.


Section 9-7 of the Subdivision Ordinance requires that "…all preliminary plats approved by the Planning Commission shall be referred to the Board of Supervisors at its next regularly scheduled meeting…If the Board takes no action on the preliminary plat referral, the preliminary plat shall be deemed approved in accordance with the actions of the Planning Commission."


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

No action is necessary, unless a majority of the Board wishes to consider this preliminary subdivision application.  On December 8, 2004, the Planning Commission voted to approve the Oak Meadows Preliminary Plat, subject to the conditions noted below:


  1. The Final Plat shall be in general conformance with the Preliminary Plat entitled "Oak Meadows Subdivision" dated May 11, 2004, signed by John Orr on 10-12-04 and received in the Planning Office on October 14, 2004, except as modified by these conditions.  This approval is for a maximum of nine (9) residential lots.


  1. The County recommends that no below-grade basements be constructed on soils with high water table due to wetness unless the foundation drainage system of the structure is designed by a licensed professional engineer to assure a dry basement and preclude wet yards and recirculation of pumped or collected water.  Where possible, all exterior foundation drainage systems shall be designed to gravity daylight without assistance from mechanical means.  All discharged water (mechanical or gravity) must be conveyed to the subdivision stormwater collection system and discharged through the stormwater management facilities.  Drainage easements, where necessary, shall be placed on the final plat.  A note shall be placed on the final plat stating that “Basements are not recommended in mapping units 73B and 79A.  Basements in these units are subject to flooding due to high seasonal water tables.  Sump systems may run continuously, leading to possible premature pump failure.”


  1. The applicant agrees that there will be no direct driveway access to Oak Shade Road.  This shall include a deed restriction on PINs 6889-85-0293-000, 6889-85-1282-000, and 6889-85-2271-000.  All lots shall either be accessed from McKay Street or the alley as shown on the Preliminary Plat.


  1. Lots 6 and 9 appear to be configured such that the houses will be located in swales and shall be relocated.


  1. Evidence that there is adequate fire flow, as outlined by the Office of Emergency Services, shall be required with the first submission of the Final Construction Plan.  A water model showing existing conditions and assumptions shall be included.


  1. Soils in the area of the proposed SWM facility are characterized as hydric with a high water table indicating possible wetlands.  All applicable State and Federal permits shall be filed with the first submission of the Final Construction Plans.  This includes the COE/DEQ wetlands permit.


  1. Offsite easements shall be acquired and evidence submitted, prior to Final Construction Plan approval, for the waterline, bypass channel construction and maintenance and the temporary turnaround grading and construction.


  1. The bypass drainage channel shall be sufficient distance away from the toe of any embankment slope so there is no danger if erosion of the embankment occurs during larger rain events.


  1. An emergency spillway shall be provided for any pond.


  1. There shall be no increases of stormwater at the property line of PIN 6889-84-3727-000.


  1. McKay Street typical section shall be built to the Fauquier County typical for a local street class 1A, unless through traffic warrants a higher class.


  1. The alignment of McKay Street shall match the Fox Haven Subdivision street alignment presented in a fax from Tim Vaughan, P.E. to Chuck Floyd on July 21, 2004.


13.  The typical section on Sheet 3 shall indicate the overall right-of-way width, and shall indicate the street is being dedicated for public street purposes.


14.  The right-of-way width dedication on Route 661 shall be twenty-five (25) feet from centerline.


15.  The typical section for Route 661 shall show the width of the right-of-way rather than indicate it is variable.  A proposed ditch has been shown on sheet 2, but it is not shown on the typical.  The water and sewer lines shall be located behind the ditch line.  The distance from the edge of pavement to the utilities shall be shown.


16.  The temporary turnaround shall be hard surfaced, and shall have a 4-foot gravel shoulder with adequate drainage.


17.  The driveway detail shall be the VDOT standard rather than a Fauquier County standard.


18.  The sidewalk at the intersection of McKay Street and Route 661 shall not extend beyond the right-of-way line.


19.  McKay Street shall be constructed all of the way to the property line, or onto the neighboring property via a temporary turnaround easement.


20.  All frontage improvements on Route 661 warranted by VDOT or the County shall be constructed by the developer and at its expense.


  1. A Virginia Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) shall adjust the Type I Soil Map soil lines onto the Final Construction Plan.  This shall be done in the field and checked for any additional soils information to be added to the Final Construction Plan.


  1. Interpretive information from the Type I Soil Map for each mapping unit shown on the above plat shall be placed on the same soil map.  Also, a Spot Symbols Legend shall be placed on the plat map to identify spot symbols.


  1. This final soil map shall be filed in the Building Department and used exclusively for obtaining soils information for this proposed subdivision.


  1. Two copies of this final soil map with CPSS signature shall be submitted to the Soil Scientist Office before Final Plat approval is made.


  1. The final signature sets shall require original CPSS signature.


  1. These statements under Home Sites and Road Construction shall be placed on the same plat map.


·        The County recommends that no below grade basements be constructed on soil mapping units 62A, 62B, 63B, 78A, and 79A due to wetness unless the foundation drainage system of the structure is designed by a Virginia Licensed Professional Engineer.  The foundation drainlines should be daylighted for gravity flow on all structures.


·        Roads built on this property will need to be designed to overcome the low bearing capacity caused by poor internal drainage of the soil types.


·        Foundations placed in soil mapping units that show a moderate, high, or very high shrink-swell potential in the most recent Interpretive Guide to the Soils of Fauquier County, Virginia, will require a geotechnical evaluation in order to determine proper design.


·        The County recommends that before road or home construction begins in soil mapping units 62A, 62B, and 63B, a site specific evaluation be conducted so that shallow to bedrock areas are identified.  These areas may require blasting if deep cuts or excavation is done.


27.  A signature block shall be placed on the Final Soil Map sheet for the CPSS to sign.




As seen on the following location map, the property is on the south side of State Route 661 (Oak Shade Road) west of the entrance to Meadowbrooke subdivision and Blake Lane.


Location Map





1.      Preliminary Plat

2.      Rezoning Proffer Statement