January 13, 2003

Mr. Anthony I. Hooper

Assistant County Administrator

Fauquier County Government & Public Schools

40 Culpeper Street

Warrenton , VA   20186

RE:       Review of Motorola Revised Change Order FCCO 002-02

Fauquier County , Virginia

Commission # 20023H

Dear Mr. Hooper:

We have completed our review of Motorola’s revised Change Order FCCO 002-02 dated January 9, 2003.  This proposed change order would relocate two console positions from the Adult Detention Center (ADC) along with associated equipment (CEB, channel banks, networking equipment, UPS, etc.) to support the consoles.  One console, the CEB and the UPS will be relocated to the Warrenton Police Department (WPD) where it will function as a backup to the Warrenton/Fauquier Joint Communications Center (WFJCC).  The other console will be relocated to the WFJCC.

The change order includes relocation of the microwave equipment from ADC to the Sheriff’s Office at 78 Lee Street, where the WFJCC is located, as well as mounting and aligning a County-provided microwave passive reflector on the ADC tower.  This change order also eliminates the UPS at WFJCC and the trench work that would have been required for laying fiber optic cable between ADC and WFJCC under the original design.  (There is an existing UPS with sufficient capacity for the new equipment at the WFJCC.  A fiber connection between the WFJCC and ADC is no longer required since the equipment is being relocated elsewhere.  The Town of Warrenton will provide a leased T1 line between 78 Lee Street and the Police Department.)

Motorola initiated this change order after the decision was made by the County to relocate the backup console positions from the ADC to the new WPD building.  Since the only remaining equipment left at ADC was going to be the microwave radio equipment, antenna dish and fiber optic equipment, it made sense to simplify the installation by consolidating this equipment at the Sheriff’s Office with the console equipment in the WFJCC.  The only problem with this plan was that the roof at 78 Lee Street was not high enough to provide a clear microwave path to View Tree Mountain .  The solution to this problem is to install a small 3’ x 4’ passive reflector on the ADC tower and reflect the microwave beam from View Tree Mountain to the microwave dish on top of the Sheriff’s Office.  Motorola has agreed to preserve its turnkey responsibility for the microwave path if the County will coordinate its purchase of the passive reflector with Motorola prior to placement of the purchase order with the equipment supplier.

Mr. Anthony I. Hooper

January 13, 2003

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As a result of arduous negotiations, Motorola has agreed to perform the work detailed in this change order and reduce the contract price by $60,923.00.  We note that Motorola has made significant concessions from their original change order request.  In our opinion, the revised price reduction of $60,923.00 is reasonable.  There is no reduction in system functionality, reliability or any other significant factor.  Therefore, CTA recommends that the County approve Motorola’s revised change order request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning this matter.


CTA Communications, Inc.

Joseph D. Pociluyko

Project Engineer

cc:        Susan R. Monaco, CPPB ( Fauquier County )

            Robert T. Forrest, P.E. (CTA Communications)

            Kenneth A. Ballard, Ph.D. (CTA Communications)