Raymond E. Graham, Chairman, Cedar Run District                 January 21, 2003

Department, Organization                                                           Board of Supervisors

or Person Making Request                                                                    Meeting Date

Anthony I. Hooper, Assistant County Administrator

Staff Lead and Department  

Topic:              A Resolution to Change the Landfill Rate Structure by Establishing a New Rate of  $30.00 a Ton for Municipal Solid Waste from County Convenience Sites

Topic Description:

At a previous work session, the Board of Supervisors reviewed the current and projected financial plan for the operation of the sanitary and debris landfill.  The Board recommended that a new fee category for refuse from the County convenience sites be established at the rate of $30.00 a ton.  This fee is intended to recognize the support provided by the General Fund in terms of administrative, financial, and human resource services to the landfill operation.  It also recognizes that the convenience site refuse constitutes the largest source of municipal solid waste.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Conduct public hearing to receive citizen comments and consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Fiscal Impact:

The new rate will allow the General Fund to pay for tipping fess within the adopted FY03 appropriate level.  Income from the construction and demolition debris operations will provide sufficient revenue to compensate for this fee reduction.

Identify Any Other Departments, Organizations or Individuals That Would be Affected by This Request

Department of Environmental Services