Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


William L. Beach, Owner/Applicant


February 10, 2005

Staff Lead:



Charles A. Floyd, Senior Planner

Community Development


Magisterial District:








Beach Subdivision: Preliminary Plat PPLT05-MA-011, Marshall Magisterial District


Topic Description:


The applicant is seeking Preliminary Plat approval to divide approximately 26.8 acres into three (3) single-family residential lots of ±3.50, 11.5 and ±11.32 acres.  These three (3) divisions will exhaust all subdivision potential on the property.  A copy of the Preliminary Plat is located in Attachment 1.


The parcel is approximately 26.8 acres zoned Rural Agricultural (RA) and Rural Conservation (RC). All adjacent properties are also zoned Rural Agriculture (RA) and Rural Conservation (RC).


Section 9-7 of the Subdivision Ordinance requires that "…all preliminary plats approved by the Planning Commission shall be referred to the Board of Supervisors at its next regularly scheduled meeting…If the Board takes no action on the preliminary plat referral, the preliminary plat shall be deemed approved in accordance with the actions of the Planning Commission."


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:


No action is necessary, unless a majority of the Board wishes to consider this preliminary subdivision application.  On January 27, 2004, the Planning Commission voted to approve the Beach Preliminary Plat, subject to the conditions noted below:


1.      The Final Plat shall be in general conformance with the Preliminary Plat entitled "Preliminary Plat Fiery Run Road" dated September 15, 2004, signed by David R. Wheeling on September 15, 2004, and received in the Planning Office on September 15, 2004, except as modified by these conditions.  This approval is for a maximum of two (2) residential lots. 


  1. Pursuant to Section 7-603 of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance, a landscape plan shall be submitted with the construction drawings for approval.


  1. A sight distance profile shall be provided for the existing entrance to Lot 1.


  1. The type of each drainfield shall be delineated on the Final Construction Plan.


5.      Pursuant to Fauquier County Subdivision Ordinance Section 10-5.B.4, a topographic map with a contour interval of not greater than two (2) feet tied to U.S.G.S. datum shall be required with the Final Construction Plan.


6.      Houses are to be located so they are above the 10-year water surface elevation of any swale.


7.      Right-of-way dedication is to be no less than 25 feet from centerline.


8.      Sight distances shall meet VDOT minimum standards.


9.      The proposed entrance for Lots 2 and 3 shall be perpendicular to the roadway.


10.  A note shall be incorporated in the Final Construction Plan that Lots 2 and 3 shall utilize the shared entrance and not have separate entrances to Route 726.


11.  There appears to be a Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia easement within the area of the proposed dedication.  This easement shall be quitclaimed, and a CE-7 permit issued to allow the facilities to remain within the right-of-way.





As depicted on the location map, the parcel is on the west side of State Route 726 (Fiery Run Road) and on the east side of Hardscrabble Road (State Route 727) in Marshall Magisterial District. 








  1. Preliminary Plat