WHEREAS, research supports the benefits of smaller secondary school size in relation to increased student achievement; and


            WHEREAS, university expectations and Virginiaís diploma requirements dictate that high school programs offer a wide range of courses that adequately prepare students for college level work, career/technical fields, and the information-age workplace; and


WHEREAS, Fauquier County Public Schools enrollment continues to increase at the secondary level; and


WHEREAS, in the fall of 2002, a citizens committee entitled the Secondary Programming Committee was charged to make recommendations to the Fauquier County School Board for short- and long-term solutions to programming and space needs based on research and best practices; and


            WHEREAS, each high school will have a program capacity, which is defined as the number of students who can be accommodated based upon the actual use of space in the school; and


            WHEREAS, surpassing the program capacity in a school will require the introduction of additional classroom space, usually in the form of modular classrooms, and will degrade the educational environment; and


            WHEREAS, the School Board deems it necessary to establish a cap for each secondary school that will represent the maximum number of students that can be enrolled before a new secondary school must be built; now, therefore, be it


            RESOLVED by the Fauquier County School Board this 10th day of November, 2003, That all secondary schools of Fauquier County shall have instructional programming that includes a Freshmen Transition Program; Comprehensive Career Technical Education Programs; Comprehensive College Preparatory Programs; and Comprehensive Fine Arts Program; and, be it


            RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Fauquier County Public Schools will endeavor to explore and review specialty high school programs such as Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, and a Governorís School for implementation for our secondary school students; will integrate Computer Technology into the core instructional programs; and will retain and expand civics curriculum and encourage students to strive for a Virginia Board of Education Civic Seal on their Diploma; and, be it


            RESOLVED FURTHER, that the School Administration will review the School within a School Administrative Concept and bring forward information regarding this concept to the School Board, and that alternatives for Career Technical Education Facilities and Athletic Facilities will continue to be reviewed by the School Administration and the School Board and recommendations and a decision will be made at a later date, and, be it


            RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Fauquier County School Board establishes that a secondary school shall not be constructed for a student enrollment of more than 1,200; and, be it


            RESOLVED FURTHER, that a new secondary school will be designed and constructed to coincide with the projected student enrollment in all existing secondary schools reaching 95%; and be it


            RESOLVED FINALLY, that the Fauquier County School Board adopts these Secondary School Instructional and Facilities requirements to ensure that all of our secondary schools are provided quality instructional programs and a school environment that is conducive to student achievement.






                                    (Signed by Chairman, Bronwyn H. Lambelet November 10, 2003)  


                                    Bronwyn H. Lambelet

                                    Chairman, Fauquier County School Board