Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

R. Holder Trumbo, Jr., Scott District Supervisor 

February 18, 2010

Staff Lead:


Frederick P.D. Carr, Director


Community Development


A Resolution to Approve a Lake Drive Alternative Pursuant to the Brookside Farm Proffer Statement, Item III. C.2 (Traffic Calming Measures)

Topic Description:


The Board of Supervisors will consider an updated Lake Drive alternative, including its associated street network, serving Brookside Communities and, indirectly, the adjoining neighborhoods of Waters Edge and Lakewood.  This action is consistent with the approved 2002 “Brookside Farm PRD Revised Rezoning Proffers” (Item III. C.2, pp. 9-10) and is developer initiated. No public hearing is required, only Board of Supervisors’ consideration of the changes and action by resolution. Approval of the request will supersede the Lake Drive resolution that was approved on December 16, 2002 (refer to Attachment 1). 

Background Information

1.      2002 Board of Supervisors’ Action (Lake Drive Alternatives: Option 1).  The 2002 action prohibited a direct Lake Drive connection to Brookside Parkway. The development’s future Brittle Ridge Road from Shepherdstown Road was the only access point allowed onto the parkway.  As a result, the Brookside Farm neighborhoods adjoining or within the vicinity of Lake Drive had easy access to Riley Road, Shepherdstown Road and Brookside Parkway. The Brookside Farm streets, opposite the Mallard Court and Wintergreen Court intersections with Lake Drive, were also restricted in their length and are precluded from having any bridge crossing access to the south to the balance of that new residential development. (Refer to Attachment 1 for details.)  

To alter any aspect of this previous approval requires Board of Supervisors’ approval action by resolution. 

2.      Revised Lake Drive and Associated Street Network. At a January 27, 2010 meeting that included Supervisors Trumbo and Graham to discuss and resolve issues related to the Brookside appeal heard at the January 14, 2010 meeting, the Developer agreed to make revisions to its construction plan (CPRV09-SC-005), and has requested Board consideration and action regarding the revised Lake Drive and associated street network by resolution. Such action is also consistent with outlined procedures in the Brookside Farm Proffer Statement, Item III. C.2 (Traffic Calming Measures) for Lake Drive. 

Construction Plan (CPRV09-SC-005) Refinements:   

The changes to the pending construction plan agreed to at the January 27, 2010 meeting are summarized below (Note: these are graphically illustrated  in Attachment 2):   

a)      Eliminate all notations of commercial on the east side of Brookside Parkway and removal of the three entrances; 

b)      Remove all entrance connections from Millside Lane (west side of Brookside Parkway) and the Parkway (between Boathouse Road and Millside Lane); 

c)      Remove all entrances, for the Millside Lane/Shepherdstown Road intersection, into the open space and residential area toward Lake Ashby; 

d)     Eliminate the entrance from Lake Drive directed toward Lake Ashby (west of the proposed Lake Drive extended/Shepherdstown Road intersection);  

e)      Request the Board of Supervisors to consider approving the revised Lake Drive extended network and second connection at the proposed Millside Lane/Brookside Parkway intersection; and 

f)       Add second entrance from Parkside Court (east of the Parkway) to Brookside Parkway or eliminate 6 lots. Zoning Ordinance Section 7-450 states that no dead-end street shall serve more than 20 lots.  Millstone Lane/Parkside Court (this entire link is considered one dead-end street per the Zoning Ordinance) has 26 lots.  Therefore, another connection is needed from Parkside Court to the Brookside Parkway, unless a waiver is obtained from the Board of Supervisors as per Section 7-450. (Note that two connections were approved with the Preliminary Plat in 2002.)  The Developer is considering his options in this matter, and their decision has no affect on the requested Board action summarized in this agenda item. 

Revised Lake Drive and Associated Streets: 

With the elimination of direct connection of Lake Drive to Brookside Parkway in the original approval of Option 1 in 2002, the Developer explored refinements to the road layout in Phases 12, 13 and 15 of Brookside during the engineering of those phases.  The refinements made (as presented in Exhibit 1 of the attached Resolution) include: 

a)      Shifting Lake Drive further to the north and consolidating it with an originally approved parallel road; 

b)      Retaining the original cul-de-sac neighborhood configuration in the northern portion of Phases 12 and 13; 

c)      Moving Brookside Parkway further to the east to eliminate a bend in the original road configuration; 

d)     Terminating Lake Drive into dual cul-de-sacs (shifting that lot configuration from the area east of the Parkway as a result of the relocation of the Parkway); 

e)      Extending Shepherdstown Road beyond the original termination at Lake Drive; and, 

f)       Creating the additional connection to Brookside Parkway by way of Millside Lane. 

Attachment 3 presents the proposed resolution for Board consideration. If approved, this resolution would supersede the 2002 Lake Drive Option 1 action.  In addition to some housekeeping updates, the key changes in the proposed resolution are: 

a)      Addition of a second entrance at the proposed Millside Lane/Brookside Parkway intersection;  

b)      Limitation that the Lake Drive extended link (between Shepherdstown Drive extended and just south of its intersection with Dockside Drive (refer to the resolution’s Exhibit 1) is not to be constructed initially, but reserved for the future construction as specified; and 

c)      Additional language to provide flexibility in the mechanism for paying for improvements to the Lake Drive/Riley Road intersection. 

The resolution continues to retain provision for the installation of stop signs and posted 25 mile per hour speed limit signs along Lake Drive, and the diligent limitation of heavy construction vehicles and construction traffic along Lake Drive and its extension.    

The Department of Community Development has consistently stated that the network represented in Exhibit 1 and attached as part of the resolution provides more neighborhood connectivity and resident choices than the original 2002 Option 1 and is a substantial improvement over the original alignment; however, that choice needs to be done through Board of Supervisors’ action. 

Attachment 4 is Brookside Communities’ request for approval of a modified street network. 

3.      Status: Brookside Communities, LLC, Appeal of the Director’s Determination:  The Board of Supervisors heard a Brookside Communities, LLC, appeal at its January 14, 2010 regular meeting, which was postponed to the February meeting.  Action on the appeal is now pending the action to be taken on the attached resolution.  The appeal focused on the Director’s determination that the layout of Phases 12, 13 and 15 of the Brookside development contains modifications that, taken collectively, materially alter the character of the proposed development and are not in substantial conformance with the general nature of the approved proffered map amendment.  The entire appeal package is available for review at the following web locations:


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider the attached resolution.

Financial Impact Analysis:

None is required.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Department of Community Development

Existing and Future Residents of New Baltimore



1.      2002 Lake Drive Option 1 (Board Approved)

2.      Construction Plan (CPRV09-SC-005) Refinements

3.      Resolution (including Exhibit 1)

4.      Brookside Communities’ Request for Change to Street Network

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