Meeting Date:

Richard Robison, Chairman

Planning Commission  

 February 18, 2003

Staff Leads:


Frederick P.D. Carr

Brian Tippie


Community Development

Budget Office

Topic:   Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Recommendations for FY 2004-2008


Topic Description:  

Richard Robison, Planning Commission Chairman, will present the proposed Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for FY 2004-2008, along with the Planning Commission’s recommendations.  Mr. Paul Blackmer, Chairman of the CIP Citizens Advisory Committee, will be available to answer detailed questions regarding the entire proposal. 


Fiscal Analysis Summary:

At the conclusion of six months of work, the CIP Citizens Advisory Committee transmitted the CIP for FY 2004-2008 to the Planning Commission.  The report was presented as an Executive Summary (dated October 2002), and it was organized into three discrete categories:  Construction, Major Systems Replacement, and Technology.  Paul Blackmer, Committee Chairman, briefed the Planning Commission on November 21, 2002 prior to its public hearing.  

The Executive Summary contained in the proposed CIP for FY 2004-2008 proposes a 5-year funding request of $36 million; $27.7 million from new debt and $18.5 million from general revenue; resulting in a cumulative $17.6 million increase in operating costs. The Citizen Advisory Committee noted to the Planning Commission that the primary challenge over the next five years will be the School Board’s identified need to fund the construction of a new high school, along with the associated operating costs.  Under Board of Supervisors financial policies, the new high school will be subject to voter approval through referendum.  

Funding will present a challenge over the next few years, with expected shortfalls from state funding sources.  As a result, the Committee also considered other sources of capital project funding: for example, consideration be given to local Certificates of Participation to raise funds for libraries, cultural centers, and recreational facilities.   

 Planning Commission Recommendations:  

At the conclusion of the November 21, 2002 public hearing, the Planning Commission scheduled and conducted December and January work sessions.   

A.     Recommendations.  At its January 23, 2003 meeting, the Planning Commission forwarded the proposed CIP for FY 2004-2008 to the Board of Supervisors for approval, with the following unanimous recommended revisions:  

  1. Cedar Lee Performing Arts.  Remove any reference, under the Construction – Debt subsection, from the CIP since there is no public funding planned or considered for this project; and  

  2. Groundwater Study/Survey.  One of the top Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission objectives is to establish a clear understanding of the capacity of groundwater resources Countywide, including Countywide geology; recharge area locations and other associated information. This project will require, through time, the use of water resource consultants, the USGS, County and state staff.  The Planning Commission recommended an annual reservation of $60,000 to be included as part of the CIP or special projects account for this undertaking.

Other general comments are provided in the Planning Commission Report included as an attachment.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Conduct a public hearing.  Recommend that any action be postponed, and the proposed CIP for FY 2004-2008 be considered as part of the Board of Supervisors overall budget deliberations.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

  County Government

School Division



  1. CIP for 2004-2008

  2. Planning Commission Recommendations & Comments Report


OMB will provide the Board of Supervisors with the 25-page CIP Report

Copies will be available for public review at the Board of Supervisors Office, County Administration , 4th Floor, 40 Culpeper Street or at the Budget Office at 320 Hospital Drive, Suite 24 , Warrenton , VA.