Raymond Farm, RZ 03-04, Rezoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance Waivers, Modifications and Exceptions Request necessitated by a rezoning request to the Planned Residential District.

The purpose of the PRD (4-002) is for imposing special regulations in designated areas of the county to accomplish the stated purposes of each district. These districts are separately zoned and intended to allow for and encourage types of development other than that normally associated with conventional zoning districts.

Section 4-101: The planned residential district PRD) (4-101) is intended to permit development in accordance wit the Comprehensive Plan of a mixed use community which is under one ownership or control. Planned Residential developments shall be planned and developed as a single entity subject to an approved development plan and shall be designed to permit a variety of residential unit types in an orderly relationship to one another, with a balance of support commercial uses, community amenities and open space areas.

It is intended that these regulations provide flexibility in residential development by providing for a mix of residential uses including housing types, densities, and alternative forms of housing, with appropriate non residential uses, flexibility in internal relationships of design elements and, in appropriate cases, increases in residential densities over that provided in conventional districts.

The following modifications and waivers are requested so that the development of the Raymond Farm application from R-1 to the PRD category may develop in conformance to the Proffered Development plan as shown to the Center District Task Force and before an initial public hearing of the Fauquier County Planning Commission on October 24, 2002 .  Furthermore, These modification requests are all in keeping with the sprit, intent and actual language of section 4-101 of the Zoning Ordnance above.

The modifications requested are from the R-1 district and are completely consistent with the General Development plan which is “Proffered”

Modifications requested:

2-409 Extensions in to Yard Areas:  We request that the extensions of various design elements of the homes are allowed to be consistent within the Ordnance language for the new front and side yard modification requests as the dimensions should be consistent with the new modifications—We request that the Extensions language in the Ordnance should not negate the intent of the request for side and front yard waivers requested.

3-401 Maximum Density: The density for the R-1 district is .9 DU per acre. This request is to allow a density of 1 DU per acre, which will allow for the significant amount of open space being provided and for the provision of a dedicated County Park of approximately 19+ acres. The few additional lots (7) will assist in a small way to off set the value of the smaller lots of five and ten thousand square feet as compared to a like number of one acre in size lots. The current Comprehensive Plan allows for an increase in the density range to three times the number represented by this request for one home per acre.  

3-402 Minimum Lot Size: Due to the desired configuration of keeping the frontage along Lee Highway in open space, preserving the existing pond, saving the existing Virginia Center Hall Colonial Farm Manner House and the tree line to the house as well as providing a 100 foot buffer to the south and a 300 foot buffer to the east, the lot sizes needed to be reduced.  In creating a community layout with a sense of place and to meet the design guidelines and objectives of the PRD, it was decided to provide two distinctive dwelling types and two lot sizes to accommodate these differing home styles.  We are requesting lot sizes to vary with the larger 9 to 10,000 Sq. Ft. lots on the periphery of the community while in the interior of the development 4 to 5,000 Sq. Ft. lots would develop. This allows a central focus of the development and keeps significant buffer areas surrounding these new residential lots. 

3-403 Minimum Lot Width:  The new smaller lots will out of necessity be narrower than the required 135 feet for a one-acre lot to accommodate the 3-402 waiver request. We are requesting that the width of the lots be allowed to vary down to 40 feet in width.  In general as depicted on the development plan which is proffered the larger lots will have a general 90 to 110 Ft. width while the smaller lots will have a 40 to 60 ft width.  

3-404 Minimum Front Yard:  In the R-1 district the requirement is for a 60 Ft. front yard setback.  Our concept for this community is to have the homes closer to the road and sidewalk which, encourages more interaction among neighbors making for a more viable community and therefore, we are asking for a reduction of the Front yard requirement to a minimum of 15 feet from the sidewalk.

3-405: Minimum Side and Rear: The R-1 district calls for a 25 Ft. side and rear yard.  Raymond Farm will develop as a small lot community of 5 and 10,000 sq. feet lots. They will be narrower and less deep than a typical one-acre lot of 44,000 square feet.  The smaller 5,000 square foot lots that may be viewed as “zero lot line lots” are projected to be as close as 3 feet to the side yard lot line and some may be within 15 feet of the rear yard lot line. Each of these small lots will back up to a large multi acre community area and event the large lots almost all have at a minimum of an additional 100 feet of open space behind their lots. It certainly creates a sense of openness while keeping the lots smaller and allowing for significant open space buffers from all of the surrounding residential areas. Therefore we are asking for a reduction in the side yard and rear yard to 3 feet for the side yard and 15 Ft. rear yards

3-406 Maximum Building Height: None requested

3-407 Maximum Lot coverage:  None is specified in the R-1 District. 

3-408 Open Space: No waiver requested, Indeed the development will greatly exceed the district standard

3-409 Minimum Landscaped green Space: None required, but this proposed development would have acres upon acres of landscaped green space.

3-410 Minimum District Size: None specified, the application is for over 64 acres

3-411 Minimum Development Size: None specified, the application consists of 64+ acres

7-103 Residential Parking Spaces: The development will prohibit outside storage of recreational vehicles and boats and related vehicles and trailers as part of the Home Owners Association documents. These kinds of vehicles and trailers in outside storage situations do not facilitate an orderly, more dense community of smaller lots, with homes close to the street and small side yards and close to each other. Therefore we request the elimination of parking space requirements for residential boats, recreational vehicles and related trailers and vehicles

Subdivision Regulations: We request to be allowed a longer than usual Cul-De-Sac: In an effort to reduce imperviousness on the site for environmental reasons, and to provide a better visual and aesthetic setting for the existing century-old Center Hall Colonial Manner House , which will be given to the County as part of the park area, the spine street for the development will result in a long Cul-de-sac.  However, the Proffered Development Plan includes a grass-crete outlet road to the existing parking area of the Manner House and its drive to Dumfries Rd. This will allow for an emergency exit of the House and park area to Dumfries Rd via the subdivision as well as the subdivision via the house drive if necessary.  It is believed that this will facilitate a better community design and provide any necessary back up assurances of another exit to Dumfries Road to both uses—the Park and House and the Subdivision.

In summary:

The modifications proposed are in complete harmony with the County’s Comprehensive Plan and land use objectives as well as the design guidelines for a PRD.  This development including these necessary modifications will result in a high quality gateway development to Warrenton creating a very livable community that will be an asset to Fauquier County , and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Other Ordnance requirements may be discovered which are not consistent with the Proffered Development Plan and additional waivers and modifications may be requested as final engineering proceeds through the county review system.