APPROVING RZ03-C-04, THE rezoning of PIN: 6995-21-1875-000, approximately 64 ACRES KNOWN AS RAYMOND FARM, from R-1 to a Planned Residential Development District; Margaret A. Hufnagel and others, owners, and Landmark Property Development, LLC, applicant.

WHEREAS, the property identified as PIN: 6995-21-1875-000 and the existing colonial-style manor home, known as Raymond Farm, are a long-standing community landmarks; and

WHEREAS, the current zoning will allow the owners of this property to develop up to 57 building lots on this property as a by-right use; and

WHEREAS, the owners and the applicant have proposed to develop this property in a way that will preserve the existing home and retain the frontage, approximately one-third of the site, in permanent open space; and

WHEREAS, in order to facilitate the proposed development and preservation activity, the applicant must cluster the development within the rear two-thirds of the property; and

WHEREAS, this proposed clustering will require certain waivers of yard and setback requirements; and

WHEREAS, the proposed rezoning of this property to the Planned Residential Development (PRD) District is appropriate to meeting the development objectives and the need for certain waivers, now, therefore, be it

ORDAINED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 18th day of February 2003, That Rezoning RZ03-C-04, Landmark Property Development. LLC, Applicant be, and is hereby, approved subject to the Concept Development Plan dated February 5, 2003, and Proffer Statement dated January 23, 2003, and further provided, that this Ordinance also approves the modifications and waivers requested by the applicant as follows:

2-409 Extensions in to Yard Areas:  Extensions of various design elements of homes are allowed by the Ordinance. The applicant is seeking reductions in all yard areas, but is requesting that allowed extensions remain the same regardless of the reduced yard size (i.e., a reduced front yard would not bring with it a commensurate or proportional reduction in allowed extensions into that yard).

3-401 Maximum Density: The density for the R-1 district is 0.9 units/acre. This application requests a density of 1.0 units/acre. This would allow for the development of seven more residential lots than would be allowed in a by-right development. The applicant contends that this additional density will provide a partial offset to the value lost by going from large lot by-right development to smaller lot development in order to preserve approximately 19 acres of frontage for a public park.

3-402 Minimum Lot Size: The proposed configuration retains the frontage along Lee Highway in open space, preserves the existing pond, retains the existing colonial style farm house and the tree lined drive to the house, and provides a 100 foot buffer to the south and a 300 foot buffer to the east. In order to develop this configuration, a reduction in lot sizes is required.  The proposed PRD development will offer two distinctive dwelling types, with two lot sizes to accommodate the differing home styles. The applicant is requesting that lot sizes be allowed to vary. The larger homes would be sited on lots 9,000 to 10,000 square feet in size and located on the perimeter of the developed area. The smaller homes, to be located to the interior of the development, would be sited on lots of 4,000 to 5,000 square feet.

3-403 Minimum Lot Width: To accommodate the Section 3-402 waiver request, the new smaller lots must be narrower than the 135 feet required for conventional development in the R-1 district. The applicant is requesting that the width of the lots be allowed to vary as low as 40 feet in width.  In general, as depicted on the proffered development plan, larger lots will have a width of 90 to 110 feet and the smaller lots will have a width of 40 to 60 feet.   

3-404 Minimum Front Yard:  In the R-1 district the requirement is for a 60-foot front yard setback.  The proposed development concept presents a more urban style community with the homes being set closer to the road and sidewalk.  The stated intent is to encourage more interaction among neighbors, promoting a more vital community. The applicant is requesting a reduction of the front yard requirement and is proposing a minimum of 15 feet from the sidewalk.

3-405: Minimum Side and Rear: The R-1 district calls for 25-foot side and rear yards.  Raymond Farm will develop as a small lot community of 5,000 and 10,000 square foot lots. The lots will be narrower and shallower than a conventional lot. The smaller (± 5,000 square feet) will essentially have a “zero lot line.” These lots are proposed to be as close as 3 feet to the side yard lot line and as close as 15 feet to the rear yard lot line. Since nearly all of the proposed lots will back up to multi-acre community open space, the applicant feels that a sense of openness will be retained even with the smaller lots. The applicant is, therefore, requesting a reduction in the side yards to a minimum of 3 feet, and rear yards to a minimum of 15 feet.

7-103 Residential Parking Spaces:  The Zoning Ordinance stipulates that, in addition to parking for residents of the units, residential developments must also provide one (1) space for each five (5) units for parking of residents' boats, recreational vehicles, etc. One-half (1/2) of such spaces must not be less than 12 feet by 30 feet. The Raymond Farm Home Owners Association will prohibit outside storage of recreational vehicles, boats, and other related vehicles such as trailers. Accordingly, the applicant requests the elimination of parking space requirements for boats, recreational vehicles and related trailers and vehicles.