Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Warrenton Quarry Property, LLC, Owner

Superior Paving Corporation, Applicant


March 8, 2007

Staff Lead:


Holly Meade, Senior Planner

Community Development


Magisterial District:   


Cedar Run





A Resolution to Approve a Category 17 Special Exception to Allow the Construction and Operation of a New Hot Mix Asphalt Plant (SPEX07-CR-011), Superior Paving Corporation


Topic Description:

The applicant wishes Special Exception approval under Zoning Ordinance Section 3-317(5), Heavy Industrial Uses, and 5-1703(1)(C), Asphalt Mixing Plant, which would allow the construction and operation of a new hot mix asphalt plant to replace an existing outdated facility operating on the subject property.

Project Information:

Superior Paving Corporation has leased approximately 15.20 acres of the 148.452 acre site, which is identified on the Special Exception Plat (Attachment 1) as a lease line, from Sanders Quarry since the mid 1980’s for the purpose of operating a hot mix asphalt plat that was constructed in the early 1950’s.  The plant is not currently operating under a Special Exception, as permits were not required when the plant was constructed.  The Zoning Administrator has made a determination that a Special Exception is required, according to the current Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance, in order to update the existing plant.

Superior Paving Corporation is a family owned and operated business that was initially founded in 1976.  Superior currently operates six (6) hot mix asphalt plants in Virginia, including their Warrenton plant on the Sanders property.  Other plan locations include Centreville, Leesburg, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, and Bealeton.  The applicant is not expecting additional production from this plant, only to upgrade to a plant that is designed to meet today’s EPA guidelines, while keeping up with customer demands.  A detailed Statement of Justification is included as Attachment 2.

Project Update:

On January 25, 2007, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and postponed action on the application to allow time for staff to analyze the performance standards that had been recently submitted by the applicant.  The Performance Standards Evaluation submitted by the applicant clearly demonstrates that the proposed Heavy Industrial Use associated with the upgraded Superior Paving Hot Mix Asphalt Plant will not have a detrimental impact to the neighborhood and will comply with the Performance Standards of Article 9 of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance.  In addition, the applicant has delivered a comprehensive package to adjoining property owners regarding their proposal. 

  Planning Commission Recommendation:

On January 25, 2007, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors, subject to the Conditions of Development.

Land Area, Location and Zoning:

The property is located south of Turkey Run Road (Route 779) and north of Casanova Road (Route 616), between Meetze Road (Route 643) and the Warrenton Branch Railway on the Sanders Quarry property.


Neighboring Zoning/Land Use:

The subject property is currently zoned Industrial (I-2).  It is bound by Residential (R-1) to the north, Rural Agricultural (RA) to the south, Industrial (I-2) and Rural Agricultural (RA) to the east and Rural Agricultural (RA) to the west.

Action Requested of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.


Staff Analysis:

Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and other relevant policies and regulations. Staff and referral agency findings, comments, and recommendations are summarized below.

Zoning Considerations

The Zoning Office has provided the following comments: 

1.                  Staff would note that pursuant to Article 10-101.2 of the Zoning Ordinance, the use on the subject parcel existed prior to the effective date of the Zoning Ordinance and, therefore, is a legal use.  Such use can be replaced or enlarged by obtaining the Special Exception, which is required pursuant to Section 3.317.5.

2.                  Staff notes that the proposed structures are located closer to the adjoining Rural Agricultural (RA) and Residential (R-1) zoned parcels than the existing facilities.  Some additional screening will be required at the entrance to meet the Zoning Ordinance requirements that the use be screened from view from Meetze Road (Route 643) pursuant to Article 3-504.5.

3.                  Staff notes that the subject parcel has no history of any complaints.

4.                  A Minor Site Plan is required prior to obtaining any building permits.


Engineering Considerations

The Engineering Office has provided the following comments:

This project is exempt from the County’s stormwater management requirements under Title 45.1 of the Virginia Stormwater Management Act.  This project will need to be reviewed and inspected by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) under these regulations. (FCDSM201.3 #1)



The Soils Office has provided the following comments:

The Fauquier County Soil Survey shows the area to have been mapped 64B and 64C (Oakhill and Legore soils).  However, due to quarry operations, the site and soils have been substantially altered.  The site should be suitable for the proposed use.      

Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation have provided the following comments:

Since a major county trail segment is currently following the old Warrenton Branch Railroad bed and will hopefully in the future connect to Catlett/Calverton, Midland and C.M. Crockett Park request a review of a possible trail easement through the property. Easement would be 20-30 feet wide, above the 2-year flood and if possible buffered from the industrial uses of this property as much as possible. Parks and Recreation staff would be available for discussions as are necessary.

Transportation – VDOT concerns

The Virginia Department of Transportation has provided the following comments:

  1. Indicate on the plan the length of the existing turn lane and taper, and the width of the existing entrance.
  2. Provide additional information regarding the total number of vehicle trips per day using this entrance including the traffic from the quarry.
  3. It appears as if the total traffic using the entrance and an estimated vehicle count on Route 643 may trigger the warrants for a left turn lane.  VDOT is in the process of obtaining an up-to-date traffic count, and need additional information from the applicant on the total vehicles using the road to complete our analysis which will be addressed during the site plan process.


  1. Special Exception Plat
  2. Statement of Justification


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