Requirements for Conducting Business Activities in Hangar Buildings 1 and 2


Any use of hangars other than for storage of aircraft requires an assessment by the Building Official to determine what improvements are required associated with the change of use of the facility. The applicant must submit plans of sufficient detail for review by the Building Department of the intended lay out and use of any space prior to submittal to the committee.


  • Building permits must be obtained prior to construction.
  • Hangar shall have at least 3000 square feet of floor space and appropriate access to public restrooms.
  • A minimum of 150 square feet of this space shall be devoted to office space.
  • All business activities must be approved by the Airport Committee and County Administrator in accordance with the Airport Minimum Standards for Aviation Services.
  • The business shall supply and keep current a list of employees and their positions and provide this quarterly to the Airport Manager.
  • Magnetic type signs no larger than 580 square inches for a single business may placed on the personnel entry door.  Hangars containing multiple businesses may have signage not to exceed 1152 square inches.
  • All taxiways will be kept accessible with no outside aircraft parking longer than the time necessary for movement or repositioning of aircraft in and out of the hangar.
  • Lease of tie-down space(s) may be required to properly support business activities.
  • No outside storage of any kind will be allowed.
  • No automobile traffic should limit access to taxiways and ramps to any aircraft.  Parking is prohibited in any area that impedes the free movement of aircraft in the airport operations area.
  • Overnight parking is not permitted in the Air Operations areas.
  • Compliance with all approved Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards is mandatory.