Attachment 4

Review Agency Comments


1.         The following zoning ordinance standards are applicable:

a.         5-006 General Standards

(Provided for informational purposes; application complies).

2.         If the 50 foot right-of-way shown along the southern property line is a Comprehensive Plan road, the right-of-way must be dedicated with site plan approval, pursuant to Section 12-604.

(A condition has been included as part of the approval requiring the 50-foot reservation at no cost to the County.) 

3.         A portion of the storage yard is shown within the building setback area, in violation of Section 2-504.1.  Additional landscaping is required in this area as well, to meet the requirements of Section 7-604.  If the special exception is approved, a condition should be included requiring redesign on the southern portion of the site.  Suggested language:  The area to be utilized for storage shall be relocated entirely outside of all required yards, and additional landscaping shall be provided to meet Zoning Ordinance requirements.

(A condition has been added to the Special Exception approval requiring storage to be located entirely outside of all yards.)

4.         It is unclear whether the storage area is to be paved or some other surface provided.  Pursuant to Section 7-102.9, paving is required unless a dustless surface waiver is requested and approved by the Director in conjunction with site plan approval.  If the Board of Supervisors has concerns about paving, staff suggests a condition be applied to the special exception.  Otherwise, a waiver may be granted if requested.

(The Zoning Administrator has indicated she is likely to approve a dustless surface waiver.  If this is a temporary use, Planning staff would concur with this view.  The applicant has indicated he will submit such a waiver.)

John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District

1.          Wetlands are located on both sides in close proximity of this project.

(Noted and shown on the Special Exception plat.)

2.         Given the size of this project, silt fence in critical areas may not be adequate to provide the necessary E&S protection and will need to be upgraded to super silt fence.

3.         A construction entrance will be needed to address potential tracking concerns on Whiting Road.


4.         Erosion and Sediment control measures will be needed for the access road construction.

(Numbers 2-4 above will be required to be shown on the site plan.)



1. Type 1 soil map for the parcel is available from Fauquier County GIS Department and provides the best available soils information for the parcel.

2.  Applicant did not provide source of soil map.

(Numbers 1-2 will be required on site plan.)

3.   Based on the Type 1 Soil Report, the soils in the special exception area of the parcel are rated “very poor” for general development using central sewer and water.  The major limitations are a high water table (0 – 20 inches below soil surface) and possible presence of shrink – swell clays.

(Provided for informational purposes.)


Moving proposed storage area approximately 100 feet toward Whiting Road could reduce probability of accidental impacts to the jurisdictional wetlands.

(A condition has been added requiring the storage area be moved.)

Future Actions:

During the site plan process, a Geotechnical Investigation will be required, due to presence of soil map units with a “high” shrink – swell potential rating.

(Will be required prior to site plan approval).



1.            The topography shown on Sheet 2 is not on USGS Datum as stated in note 15 on Sheet 1.  The USGS Datum is +/- 150 feet higher.  The site plan will need to reflect USGS datum.  The incorrect reference on Sheet 1 is to be removed.

(To be corrected on site plan.)

2.            Stormwater management, including BMP’s will be required for this project.

(Will be required on site plan.)

3.            A dustless surface is required under Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance 5-1407 for motor vehicle impoundment towing business.  Due to an intermittent high water table and the high potential for shrink swell soils, the access road should have an all-weather dustless surface and this should not be waived.

(Staff is sympathetic to allowing the access road to be constructed to less than VDOT standards for a temporary use.  The applicant is aware that the temporary road may need to be entirely replaced with a new road at a future stage of permanent development.)

4.            All culverts and pipes are to be a minimum of 15 inches in diameter and convey the 10-year storm.

(Will be required on site plan.)


1.            It is recommended that a 20’ buffer be provided for any portion of the parking area that drains directly into the wetlands without some type of water quality treatment.

(A condition has been included as part of the Special Exception approval requiring a 20-foot buffer for any of these areas.)

2.            It is recommended that no portion of the parking lot be within the 10-year water surface elevation of the drainage channel that is just west of the storage area.  This area is characterized as subject to frequent flooding and significant destruction potential during flooding events.

(A condition has been included as part of the Special Exception approval requiring that no portion of the parking lot is located within this area.)

Parks and Recreation

·         Whiting Road has been suggested as the location of a possible railroad overpass crossing, if that is the case a minimum 20-foot trail easement would be needed to eventually connect to the Northern Sports Complex and purposed Route 55 trail to The Plains/Marshall. Otherwise there are no comments.

(This has not been included as a condition; staff notes that the applicant is not currently developing the portion of the site fronting Whiting Road.)

Virginia Department of Transportation

  1. Plan needs to show the proposed road improvements that are shown on the approved “Whiting Road” site plan in order to show how this entrance will effect those improvements.

(Will be required on site plan; included as a condition.)

  1. Right-of-way information needs to be shown on PIN Map 6979-28-8585 to demonstrate there is adequate right-of-way for the 50’ taper that has been shown in front of the adjacent parcel.

(Will be required on site plan; included as a condition.)

  1. Show area of entrance to be paved.

(Will be required on site plan.  Included as condition.)

  1. Entrance will need to meet the minimum required sight distance requirements in accordance with the Minimum Standards of Entrances to State Highways.

(Will be required on site plan.)

  1. Right-of-way dedication has been provided on the “Whiting Road” property 50’ from the centerline of the road for future road improvements, and an equivalent dedication should be provided for this property.

(Will be done with a dedication plat prior to site plan release; has been included as a condition.)

  1. The location of the proposed access road is shown on the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan as a connector road from Route 622 to Route 55.  We recommend that any road on the comprehensive plan be constructed with the development of the property as well as any right-of-way dedication.  Construction of a private road in the area of a future public road could create complications.  The private road being constructed at this time may need to be completely removed in order to construct the public road to Virginia Department of Transportation standards as we will not complete any plan review or inspection of the private entrance road.

(Recommendation forwarded to applicant.)

  1. Indicate vehicles per day from the site and on Route 622.

(Will be required on site plan; included as condition.)

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