WHEREAS, on July 16, 2001, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors adopted an Ordinance establishing Magisterial districts, precincts and polling places; and


            WHEREAS, the Ordinance adopted on July 16, 2001, amended and readopted Section7-2 of the County Code for Fauquier County, for the purpose of establishing a voting place for each precinct; and


            WHEREAS, the location for the Lois Precinct is within a building that also serves as a voting location for another precinct and has created confusion among voters; and


            WHEREAS, the location for the Marshall Precinct has been logistically difficult for voters, officers of election, and facility staff to adequately conduct elections at this location; and


            WHEREAS, the location for the Courthouse Precinct has been difficult for voters to find adequate parking, and maximum occupancy limits for the location has required voters to stand outside the precinct voting facility at certain periods of the day; and


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors has determined that polling locations should offer better accessibility for voters and resources for officers of election to better administer the election process and to generally foster a more positive voting experience to enhance voter turnout; and


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors desire to change the locations for the above referenced precincts by amending Section 7-2 of the County Code, as amended herein; and


            WHEREAS, on ______________, 2004, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing, upon advertisement and notice, properly and duly given; and


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors desire to adopt this Ordinance and change three polling placed for Fauquier County; now, therefore, be it


            ORDAINED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this _____ day of _____ 2004, That the Fauquier County voting precinct locations be, and are hereby, realigned and reestablished, as amended herein; and, be it


            ORDAINED FURTHER, That the County Attorney be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to forward copies of the Ordinance to the Fauquier County Electoral Board, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the State Board of Elections, and the Division of Legislative Services, and to make application to the United States Department of Justice for preclearance of this Ordinance, pursuant to Section 5 of the United States Rights Act; and, be it


            ORDAINED FINALLY, That Section 7-2 of the County Code be, and is hereby, amended and readopted as follows:


            Section 7-2 – Same Enumerated.

The precincts for each magisterial district and the polling places for each precinct shall be as set for below:


(1)   Cedar Run Magisterial District:

a.       Opal precinct, Liberty High School

b.      Casanova precinct, Dominion Virginia Power Building

c.       Catlett precinct, Catlett Fire Hall

d.      Kettle Run precinct, St. Stephen’s Church

e.       Lois precinct, Mary Walter Elementary School, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

(2)   Center Magisterial District:

a.       Airlie precinct, C. M. Bradley Elementary School

b.      Baldwin Ridge precinct, P. B. Smith Elementary School

c.       Courthouse precinct, Warren Green Building, Warrenton Presbyterian Church

d.      Warrenton precinct, Old Central Elementary School

(3)   Lee Magisterial District:

a.       Morrisville precinct, Mary Walter Elementary School

b.      Bealeton precinct, Cedar Lee Middle School

c.       Remington precinct, M. M. Pierce Elementary School

(4)   Marshall Magisterial District:

a.       Leeds precinct, Emmanuel Episcopal Church

b.      Marshall precinct, Marshall Community Center & Annex, Ruritan Building

c.       Waterloo precinct, Fauquier High School

(5)   Scott Magisterial District:

a.       Broad Run precinct, Lutheran Church (at Route 605)

b.      New Baltimore precinct, C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary School

c.       The Plains precinct, Grace Episcopal Church.

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