Tourism Advisory Committee

February 2004 





To develop Fauquier County as a regional tourism destination.




The Fauquier County Tourism Committee is committed to enhancing the opportunity and coordination of the tourism and travel trade industry and to expand the positive economic impact of this business sector in Fauquier County.




  • Assist the Department of Economic Development in formulating and coordinating the county tourism program.
  • Advise the Board of Supervisors on issues related to tourism and, when called upon to make recommendations.
  • Support other Fauquier County offices and organizations on projects when the assessments of tourism impact are needed.
  • Act as stewards of information on tourism to stakeholders in the county and assist the business community when called upon.
  • To support the history, heritage and quality of life in Fauquier County.




1)      Executive Committee

a)      Consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman and four members from Tourism Advisory Committee.

b)      Staff Tourism Coordinator and Director of Economic Development

c)      Meet every two weeks or as needed.


2)      Tourism Advisory Committee

a)      Consists of 11 seats

b)      Staff Tourism Coordinator and Director of Economic Development

c)      Meet once a month or as needed.

d)      Committee members will represent their segment of the tourism industry, or town, for a 2 year term.

e)      Representation for each segment and four towns would be selected by existing member seats.

f)        Chair and Vice-chair position would be established from the existing seats.

Tourism Advisory Committee Seats (Permanent Seats)




Towns (4 seats The Plains, Remington, Marshall and Warrenton)


Outdoor Recreation/ Equestrian


Visitor Center Representative ( Ad Hoc position)


3)      Set up Sub-Committees representing product development areas:

a.       Web

b.      Printed Material

c.       Education

d.      Packaging

e.       Regional Partnerships


4)      Establish issue related working groups on an as needed basis.