AGRICULTURE:  The use of a tract of land not less than five (5) acres for (a) the tilling of the soil, (b) the growing of crops or plant growth of any kind in the open, including forestry, (c) pasturage, (d) horticulture, (e) dairying, (f) floriculture or (g) raising of poultry and/or livestock.  

            The term agriculture shall not include the following uses:  (a) the maintenance and operation of commercial greenhouses and hydroponic farms, (b) the operation or maintenance of a commercial stockyard or feed yard, (c) the manufacture, processing or storage of mulch made from off-site material or for commercial purposes, (d) the sorting and grading of logs and trees except where the logs and trees are from on-site or from adjoining properties.  Furthermore, the definition of agriculture shall not be deemed to preclude (a) the keeping of livestock on parcels of two (2) acres in size as permitted by Section 2-512, or (b) gardening as permitted as an accessory use in Section 6-102.  Provided, however, subsection (c) of this above provision shall not apply to applications received by the Department of Community Development on or before March 17, 2003 .