NOVEMBER 29, 2001





D. Gregory Norris, Jr.

5505 Old Bust Head Road

Broad Run, VA  20137




Al Seeley-Prospect Development

12531 Poplar Lane

Woodbridge, VA  22192




Ted Britt

Tri-Tek Engineering

690 Center Street, Suite 300

Herndon, VA  20170




The applicant is seeking approval of a preliminary subdivision plat to divide approximately 9.54 acres zoned R-1 (Residential-1) into six (6) single-family detached lots.  The lots range in size from approximately 44,300 square feet to 110,800 square feet. 




South side of Old Bust Head Road (Route 694) southwest of its intersection with Snow Mountain Road (Route 829).




Scott District






6996-86-8312-000, 9.5389 acres




R-1 (Residential)




R-1 (Residential)



R-1 (Residential)



R-1 (Residential)



R-1 (Residential)




STAFF PLANNER:                 Elizabeth Cook



The applicant is proposing a six (6)-lot subdivision adjacent to Old Bust Head Road.  A new public street is proposed to serve all lots.  The property is located in the New Baltimore Service District: Non-Sewered Area with Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (WSA) water available.  Comments from WSA have yet to be received.  The applicant is proposing to serve the lots with individual drainfields and individual wells.

Staff and Agency Review

Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance and other relevant policies and regulations.  An analysis of these referrals and the actual comments from the appropriate agencies are included as attachments to this report.


As of the date of this report, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the County Engineer, the County Soil Scientist, and the Health Department have identified issues that the applicant has not had the opportunity to address.  These issues include the following:

1.       Location of an easement of right-of-way (Carrot Road) on the site as noted in the VDOT comments.

2.       Number and location of stormwater management and water treatment facilities.

3.       The site entrance location as it relates to grade and excavation.

4.       Stormwater runoff and drainage impacts of the proposed entrance and road.

5.       Lot configurations.

6.       A soils report needs to be submitted that meets the County requirements.

7.       Health Department review of the proposed individual drainfields and wells.

8.       Location of the closest public water service.


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission postpone action on this request to allow the applicant time to address the outstanding issues.


Memo 1

Memo 2

1.       Staff Analysis

2.       Zoning Review

3.       VDOT Review

4.       County Engineer Review

5.       Health Department Review

6.       Parks and Recreation Review

7.       Library Board Review

8.       School Review

9.       Map 1, Map 2



Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and other relevant policies and regulations.  Staff findings, comments and recommendations, as well as referral agency comments follow:

1.            Comprehensive Plan

The subject property is located within the New Baltimore Service District and is designated for low-density residential uses in the Comprehensive Plan.  It is located in the non-sewered area of the Service District and the applicant is proposing the use of individual drainfields.  The area is indicated as an area for public water availability by the WSA.  However, to date, the Department of Community Development has not received comments from the WSA regarding the proposed use of individual wells.  The applicant will need to identify the distance from the nearest public water service prior to approval of the preliminary subdivision.  Other than the issue of public water availability, this application appears to be in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan from a land use perspective.

2.   Zoning Ordinance

The subject property is zoned R-1 (Residential) which allows a density of 0.9 dwelling units per acre.  The proposed subdivision would result in a density of 0.7 dwelling units per acre, thereby meeting the required density limit. 

The final construction plans will need to comply with the Zoning Ordinance landscaping requirements.  The Zoning Office comments are included as Attachment 2.

3.                  Transportation

The applicant is proposing to access the subdivision via a new street indicated on the preliminary plat as William Way.  The applicant's representative has been notified that an alternative name will be needed, as there is an existing William Drive in the county.  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) indicates that the ADC Street Map Book identifies a Carrot Road at the location of the proposed development.  The County street name atlas does not identify Carrot Road, so the applicant will need to clarify this issue for County staff and VDOT.  VDOT comments are included as Attachment 3 and address dedication and road design issues that will be required prior to approval of final construction plans and final record plat. 

4.                  Environmental

The property is located within the Occoquan Watershed; therefore stormwater management (SWM) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) will need to be addressed with the final construction plans.  The County Engineer indicates the preliminary subdivision does not make provision for all of these required facilities.  See Attachment 4 for the County Engineer's Comments.  An adjoining property owner has raised concerns to County staff about the location of one of the SWM/BMP facilities, which is immediately adjacent to his property.  Staff has advised the applicant's representative of this concern and other issues noted by the adjoining property owner. 

The County Engineer has concerns about the subdivision entrance from Old Bust Head Road as it relates to roadway grade, the amount of clearing and excavation needed, stormwater runoff and drainage from the road and entrance, and the number of mature trees that will be removed with the proposed entrance location.  It is recommended that the applicant explore the possibility of utilizing the existing driveway location as a point of access to the site.

In addition, the County Engineer notes that the lot configurations for proposed lots 2 through 6 are irregularly shaped and recommends a more conventional lot shape. 

Verbally, the County Soil Scientist has indicated that the preliminary plat does not provide adequate soils information and should not be approved as currently submitted. 

5.                  Water and Sewer

The applicant is proposing to serve the site with individual wells.  As of the date of this report, the Department of Community Development has not received comments from the WSA regarding the use of individual wells in this area where public water is available.  However, this project may be somewhat removed from the nearest public water line available for connection.

This parcel is located in the non-sewered area of the New Baltimore Service District and the applicant is proposing to use individual drainfields.  However, the Health Department indicates that an application has not been received in its office and therefore has not addressed the preliminary plat.  See Attachment 5 for the Health Department comments.