Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

GGFS/Greenwich Meadows, LLC


April 13, 2006


Staff Lead: 

Melissa Dargis, Assistant Chief of Planning


Community Development


Magisterial District:

Cedar Run



7924-26-7370-000, 7924-14-7596-000 and 7924-34-0017-000


A Resolution to Approve Creekmont Estates SPEX06-CR-009: A Category 20 Special Exception to Construct an Above-Ground Water Storage Tank and Pumping Facility, Cedar Run District


Topic Description: 

The purpose of this Special Exception is to obtain approval for the construction of an above ground water storage tank and a pumping facility within the proposed Creekmont Estates Subdivision.  The proposed water system would serve both the Creekmont Estates and Greenwich Woods Subdivision (PIN 7924-26-7370-000).  Both subdivisions are pending Preliminary Plat approval.

Project Information:

The overall total acreage of the properties is approximately 119 acres with a total number of 57 units.  The parcels are all zoned Residential-1 (R-1).  Creekmont Estates is proposing forty (40) single-family residential lots.  Greenwich Woods is proposing seventeen (17) single-family lots.  Pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance, the number of units in each of these projects requires the applicant to provide a public water system. 

Staff has met with the applicant and its representative to discuss Planning Commission concerns.  The applicant has revised its Special Exception Plat to include a buffer strip between Lot 27 and Well Lot #2 and between Lot 21 and 22 and Well Lot #1.  According to the applicant, this buffer area can be used to construct a small berm planted with low lying shrubs to prevent the surface water from the lots uphill from running across the well lots. 

The proposed water storage tank is an “Aqua Store” silo structure approximately 26 feet in height and 31 feet in diameter.  It is proposed to be located at the 352-foot contour, which then puts the top of the tank at an elevation of 378 feet.  It will be located on a 100 by 100-foot lot dedicated to Fauquier Water and Sanitation Authority (WSA).

The pump station and associated infrastructure will be located on the same lot as the water storage tank.  The majority of the facility will be within a 20 x 20 foot pre-fabricated concrete building, approximately 13 feet in height.  A 5,000 gallon tank and a 100kW generator are the only infrastructure to be located outside of the building.  They will be partially screened from view by a 6-foot tall treated wood picket fence.  The applicant indicates that the facilities should not be visible from Greenwich Road and they should only be visible from lots created within the subdivisions.

According to the applicant, the Health Department requires finished water storage facilities for community water systems equivalent to at least 200 gallons per residential unit (or half the estimated daily water demand).  Thus, 14,600 gallons would be needed for this project.  The system must also be designed to meet the maximum hourly flow or daily use, plus applicable fire flow requirements, whichever is greater.  The maximum hourly flow for this project is 118 gpm and the minimum fire flow allowable is 750 gpm for a 120-minute period.  According to the applicant, in order to meet these requirements, an above ground water tank (for fire flow storage) and associated pump station are necessary. 

In a preliminary review of the proposal and its hydrogeologic study, the County’s groundwater consultant, Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. (E&G), notes that the project is located within the same capture zone of the WSA developed and planned groundwater system located on County owned property known as the Lunceford site.  At that location, the WSA system is connected to the New Baltimore Service District water supply and will also serve the proposed high school site.  The existing and planned WSA production wells are essential to the New Baltimore Service District public water supply system.  Hence, it’s essential for the applicant’s proposed production well, tank and system be conveyed to the WSA for ownership and operation.  Such action also insures that all withdrawals from this productive groundwater resource will not affect its sustainable yield.


Land Area, Location and Zoning:    

The parcels are located on Route 603 between Greenville Road (Route 761) and Kennedy Road (Route 652) within the Village of Greenville.                            



Neighboring Zoning/Land Use:

The project parcels are bound by R-1 to the north and west; and large parcels zoned RA to the east and south.


Action Requested of the Board of Supervisors:

Conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the attached resolution.


Planning Commission Recommendation:

On February 16, 2006, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on this item and voted to forward it to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval, subject to a series of development conditions.


Staff Analysis:

Staff and the appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and other relevant policies and regulations. Staff and referral agency findings, comments, and recommendations are available upon request. 

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan identifies the Village of Greenville as a Category II village.  Infill development and limited expansion are appropriate due to the proximity of Vint Hill and development in the area.  The applicant notes that its proposal will provide a 100-foot buffer along adjacent Rural Agricultural (RA) properties and thus effectively create the hard edge for the Village of Greenville.


The Engineering Office has reviewed the above referenced plan and has the following comments:

1.         There is to be no fill in the wetlands without a COE permit.

2.         All structures are to be above the 10 year water surface elevation of the adjacent creek.

3.         No subsurface drainfield can be closer than 100 feet to the well.  Additional separation would be preferable.

4.       Please indicate your choice of color for the water tank.


Fauquier Water and Sanitation Authority provided the following comments:

The Authority has been in contact with the developer of this project (Nicholson Property) throughout the hydrogeologic study and is in basic concurrence with the results of the study.

WSA has agreed with the developer that the Authority will take over ownership of the proposed free-standing water system (including wells, pump stations and storage tank) so long as all components are designed and constructed in accordance with WSA standards and operating code.

Staff notes that WSA has not yet provided an official letter of commitment to take over ownership of this system.


Summary and Recommendations:

Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation.


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

1.      Fauquier County Department of Community Development

2.      Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority



  1. Statement of Justification
  2. Special Exception Plat

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