WHEREAS, in 2001, Dr. Marshall H. Bailey, III, began his work with  Fauquier County government after completing a distinguished academic and management career with the Defense Logistics Agency of the Department of Defense; and  

WHEREAS, wishing to assist his home community with the benefits of his education and experiences as a Federal employee, Marshall Bailey developed a program whereby he could work full time with Fauquier County management at no expense to the County; and 

            WHEREAS, Marshall Bailey enthusiastically and tirelessly worked with senior management, department heads, and constitutional officers of the County, developing goals, objectives, and measures whereby County performance could be quantified and improved through the Balanced Scorecard process; and 

            WHEREAS, by developing and facilitating Unified Department Service Performance Teams, Marshall Bailey was instrumental in promoting quality of service and performance goals for County departments providing services to other departments and the School Division; and 

WHEREAS, Marshall Bailey served as Vice Chairman of the Library Board, and worked with the Library Board to create an historical resources round table to serve as a forum for local historical groups to meet and exchange ideas and share information; and 

            WHEREAS, believing in the mission of the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, Marshall Bailey selflessly offered his strategic planning and business acumen to the Center, by guiding the development of a realistic vision to better serve our community, and by serving on its board from 2002 - 2006; and 

WHEREAS, Marshall Bailey donated time to the community by volunteering on the boards of the Fauquier Free Clinic and Mental Health Associates; and  

WHEREAS, after several years of bravely battling illness, Marshall Bailey recently passed away; now, therefore, be it 

            PROCLAIMED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 13th day of April 2006, That Marshall H. Bailey, III, be, and is hereby, recognized and commended for his dedicated public service to the citizens and employees of Fauquier County; and, be it 

PROCLAIMED FURTHER, That the Board of Supervisors does hereby extend its deepest sympathy to his wife, Jackie Burke Bailey, and his sons, Mark and David, for their loss. 




Raymond E. Graham

Chairman of the Board

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