County Code of Ordinances Article I, Section 5 Buildings, Section 5-8


Sec. 5-8. Street names.

(a)   Requirements for street names:  Street names as shown in the "Official Street Names and Property Numbering Atlas" are hereby designated the official names of said streets unless changed by subsequent action of the board of supervisors. 

(b)   Assignment of street names: 

(1)   New street names shall be assigned by the department of community development in accordance with department procedures, the provisions of this article and Article 7-11 of the subdivision ordinance.

(2)   Except as provided below, all public and private streets accessing fewer than three addressable structures shall not be given an official street name.

(3)   All streets created through the Fauquier County subdivision ordinance process shall be named at such time as the approval of the plat, following the provisions set forth in this section.

(4)   New street names shall not duplicate existing street names in the county nor the jurisdictions adjoining the county in those instances where emergency service areas overlap with said jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the department of community development may authorize duplicate names on a case-by-case basis based upon standards and criteria developed by the department of community development in conjunction with the office of emergency services and the GIS division.

(5)   Near duplication in spelling, confusing spelling, or names that are phonetically similar shall not be approved.

(6)   Public and private streets which continue directly through an intersection shall retain the same name if the offset distance between centerlines is fifty (50) or less. Where new private streets cross an intersection, the department of community development may permit different street names on a case by case basis.

(7)   New street names shall not include compass point designations, such as "north," "south," "east," and "west."

(c)   Changes to official street names: 

(1)   Changes to official street names shall only be granted by the board of supervisors, with the exception of private streets serving a single parcel or parcels under single ownership or management (e.g. homeowner's association). Changes to private street names under single ownership or management shall be permitted no more than one time per calendar year through a written request submitted by the first day of the year and shall be done through procedures developed and adopted by the department of community development. In the case of a homeowners's association, more than fifty (50) percent of the members must approve of the change before it will be considered.

(2)   Street name changes for public streets (those maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation) may only be initiated by the board of supervisors where it is necessary for the general health, safety, or welfare of county residents. Such instances shall include but not be limited to near duplication in spelling, confusing spelling or names that are phonetically similar and would therefore interfere with or impede emergency service response. Street name changes for private streets (those which are notclassified as public streets above) may be initiated by a petition of not less than a simple majority (fifty-one (51) percent) of the property owners on the affected street to change a private street name. For the purposes of this section, a property owner shall be defined as any individual having an ownership interest in the real property according to the land records of the county. Proposed new street names shall conform to the standards set forth in this section. Petitions may be submitted to the department of community development at any time, but will only be considered by the board of supervisors at the first regularly scheduled public hearing of the calendar year.

(d)   Costs incurred through the private street name change petition process:  The costs incurred by the county in changing a private street name shall be borne by the individual(s) who initiate the petition. Such costs shall include postage for any required notices, advertising costs and the purchase and installation of new street sign(s). 

(e)   Private street name change effective date:  The provisions of this section relating to private street naming shall be applicable to private streets created on or after the adoption of this Ord. No. 95-26 [adopted Aug. 15, 1995]. 

(Ord. No. 88-5, 10-4-88; Ord. No. 95-26, 8-15-95; Ord. No. 96-5, 4-16-96)

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