From:  Owen Bludau, Vint Hill EDA    Date: April 4, 2002     


The VHEDA has been having extensive discussions with Ed Miller in attempting

to find a feasible solution to extension of the parkway.  So far, a solution

has not been found.  The VHEDA Board and its legal counsel had a long

discussion yesterday of the revised edition of the Brookside/Brookfield

Farms proffers (however, I do not believe we have the current edition) and

of a draft agreement submitted by Ed Miller to the VHEDA.  We have some

continuing issues.


1. We notice a conflict between the revised proffers in which the applicant states that he will construct the extension of the parkway to the traffic circle.  In the agreement he submitted to the VHEDA, he places the full cost for everything except the final paving of two lanes on the VHEDA.


The VHEDA Board is very concerned about the precedent that a third party

(the applicant) can attempt to change legal proffers between the VHEDA and

the Board of Supervisors that have already been approved.  And to do so

without approval of the two contract parties.  This change would be to force

the VHEDA to pay for a proffer that it had not volunteered and to expedite

expenditures for proffers that were to be based on traffic counts, sale of

designated amounts of FAR and projections of financial ability to construct

the proffers.


We are examining every way within our financial limits to see if we can make

something work on extension of the parkway on Vint Hill.  What Ed Miller and

the County need to understand is that actual cost of construction of the two

lanes of the parkway extension will require additional secondary costs by

the VHEDA.  The applicant has proffered to extend the parkway "to the

traffic circle".  He does not proffer to construct the traffic circle at

Kennedy Road.  Construction of the traffic circle will require realignment

of 900 feet of Kennedy Road to achieve proper intersection angles.  It will

require relocation of existing utility lines along Kennedy Road.  The VHEDA

would have to pay that when the parkway is extended under the applicant's



A minimum of 500 feet of Aiken Drive (formerly Harrison Road) will also have

to be realigned to achieve a 90 degree intersection.  Preferably 1900 feet

need to be realigned, but could be deferred.  Existing utility lines along

Aiken Drive will also have to be relocated.  Those costs are not included in

the proffer.


It currently appears that the VHEDA will incur a minimum of $510,000 in

required secondary costs from extension of the parkway.  That would be in

addition to the projected $910,000 cost of the two lanes of the parkway

extension that the applicant is attempting to pass on to the VHEDA.