Meeting Date:

Ray Graham, Chairman, Cedar Run District

April 15, 2002

Staff Lead:



Frederick P.D. Carr

Department of Community Development


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:  Postpone action for thirty days.  As indicated in the Special Considerations below, there are some refinements to consider.


A.     Background Information.   The Board of Supervisors conducted a public hearing on March 18, 2002 (refer to Attachment 4), and action was postponed until the April 15, 2002 meeting.  

B.      Special Considerations.  Chairman Ray Graham has three minor refinements being prepared for consideration.  He may wish to have these reviewed through the Citizen Planning Committee.  The proposed changes are summarized as follows: 

  • Calverton Sewer Service Area.  There are residential lots in the area opposite H.M. Pearson Elementary School on the westside of Bastable Mill Road (Rt. 603), and in the vicinity of Brookfield Drive.  The homes are beginning to report occasional problems with their septic/drainfield systems.  Even though it is not intended to include the properties marked in Attachment 1 for the Phase 1 – Sewer Service Area, the homes need to be included within the overall Service District boundaries for health remediation purposes, if deemed as such by the Health Department, and qualify for sewer connection if capacity and access are available.
  • Catlett Sewer Service Area.  Attachment 2 identifies where the proposed disposal site for the wastewater treatment plant and spray irrigation for the small diameter step system is located.  That location is crosshatched and marked as B.  The area marked as A, B, and C is one parcel and zoned RA.  The map also identifies a portion of the Phase 1 – Sewer Service Area.  The addition of A into the Service District would allow flexibility for the internal transfer of residential density from A and B to C consistent with applicable land development regulations.  The areas marked A and C are not to be included in the Phase 1 – Sewer Service Area, but may petition through the comprehensive plan amendment process to add to the capacity of the planned wastewater treatment facility, pending adequate disposal capacity, at location B for a subsequent phase.  Note that Phase 1 – sewer capacity is reserved exclusively for the Phase 1 – Sewer Service Area as marked. 
  • Village of Midland Future Land Use Plan.  The pending acquisition of a portion of the Wampler property for the County park has initiated a proposed change for the future land use plan.  A portion of the park is located within the village service district’s boundaries, and that area is identified as A and marked in dots; refer to Attachment 3.  The village service district boundary’s edge is represented by the Licking Run floodplain limits. The proposed plan had that area delineated as low density residential (1 dwelling unit/acre), with approximately 35+ homes.  The proposed concept here is to transfer that land use to the area marked as B, and would include + 70 homes.  This location is a component of a larger area planned for a school and park site which needs careful design due to the Warrenton-Fauquier County Airport’s future expansion plans and its resulting noise zone.

The changes will result in refinements to the plan maps and land use illustratives, as applicable.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

None required.

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