Information Resources e-Government Phase 2 Update


On Sept 17th, 2001 the Board of Supervisors approved funding for Phase 2 of e-Government. Phase 2 included eight tasks ranging from upgrading network architecture and equipment to enhancing and redesigning the County Web site and email systems.

By May of 2002, the Information Resources department working with F1 Computer Solutions, will not only complete the eight tasks, but will have stretched the financial resources to surpass the original objectives. Some of the most outstanding improvements are listed below.

Benefits to the County Government:

      Single email solution, hosted internally, using new domain name,

o       Allows the reply-to-all to function correctly and provides $5K per year in cost savings by eliminating 3rd party vendor.

o       Allows Outlook Web access to email from any Internet connection.

      All employees can store their files on a server located at the data center, which is backed up nightly, eliminating the need for individual back-ups and reducing the cost of new PCs.

      All employees have file-sharing capability allowing collaboration on projects without having to email documents back and forth.

      Software is being installed on each PC that will allow IR technicians to remotely solve problems saving time and travel costs.

      Real-time virus screens performed daily and remotely by IR eliminates each employee having to perform their own virus scans and keeps the most current virus definitions enabled.

      Increased network security is provided by a new firewall and new login procedures.

      Web site is now hosted internally and is being merged with the Intranet on a single server. Savings of $6K per year are realized and the opportunity is available to defer costs by hosting other entities.

      Cooperation between Fauquier County Government, Fauquier County Schools, the Sheriffs Office and Fire and Rescue has increased with more services, equipment and software being shared.

Benefits to Citizens and Businesses:

      New Web site design allows citizens to quickly access the most frequently requested pages from the home page (Sheriff, Board of Supervisors, Job Openings, Library, Parks and Recreation).

      A whats new feature on the home page can be updated as often as needed to provide quick access to current events and/or emergency announcements such as public hearings and press releases.

      GIS maps, properties and property descriptions are provided on-line.

      The farm product directory is now produced dynamically; updates and additions can be added directly by the Ag Development office so that the Web always has the most current information; redundant data entry has been eliminated.

      Several new calendars (Key tax dates, Sheriffs Office and Social Services) have been added which are produced dynamically, departments will be able to add and edit their own events.

      Human Resources and Procurement will be able to add and edit job openings and procurement opportunities without going through IR.

      IR is working with Economic Development to design a dynamic Web presence for Business and Tourism that will provide current information in lieu of producing printed material that is difficult and costly to keep up to date.

Whats Next Phase 3 (contingent on funding availability)

      Expansion of Business and Tourism Web presence to provide searchable database of available properties including interactive maps and current events calendar.

      Continued Network engineering and operational support with a focus on training of IR staff.

      Web programming development and implementation of department-specific interactive applications and forms such as job applications and personnel action notification (PAN) forms.

      On-going review and update of Technology Plan and implementation of Review Board process.