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April 15, 2002

Work Session
4th Floor Conference Room
1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.         Agenda Review 

2:00 p.m.         Rappahannock River Basin Water Supply Planning Project (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff) 

2:30 p.m.         Drought Awareness (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Tony Hooper, Staff) 

3:00 p.m.         Discussion of Proposed Plan to Broadcast Board of Supervisors Regular Meetings Over the Local Cable System and Related Audio/Visual Improvements (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff) 

3:30 p.m.         Update on Phase II of the e-Government Project (Bob Lee, Sponsor; Donna Cason/Laurie Counts, Staff) 

4:00 p.m.         Meade Palmer Memorial (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff) 

4:30 p.m.         Proposed Amendments to Article 8 of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance Regarding Signs in Planned Development Districts (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Carolyn Bowen, Staff)

Regular Sessions
Warren Green Meeting Room
6:30 p.m.

Invocation – Supervisor Joe Winkelmann 

Pledge of Allegiance 

Adoption of the Agenda 

Citizens Time 

Proclamations and Recognitions

1.      Consent Agenda 

a)       A Resolution Authorizing the County Administrator to Schedule a Public Hearing to Receive Citizen Comment on a Proposed Ordinance Amending Section 8-37 of the Code of Fauquier County Relating to Fees in Criminal and Traffic Cases (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Joe Higgs, Staff) 

b)      A Resolution to Establish Cash Drawers for Lake Brittle Concession Unit, Add a Cash Drawer at Vint Hill Community Center, and Increase Current Cash Drawers at C.M. Crockett Park (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Larry Miller, Staff) 

c)      A Resolution Recommending Projects for Inclusion in the Six-Year Improvement Plan for the Virginia Department of Transportation (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff) 

d)       A Resolution to Request that the Virginia Department of Transportation Install Signs Advising of the Maximum Penalty for Exceeding the Posted Maximum Speed Limit in the Village of Orlean (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff)  

e)      FY 2002 Budget Transfers and Supplemental Appropriations in the Amount of $287,722 (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff) 

f)        Approval of Minutes for February 19, 2002 Board of Supervisors Meeting. 


2.      A Resolution to Transfer and Appropriate Funds in the Amount of $27,248 (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff)   

3.      A Resolution Establishing a Two Cents (2˘) Per One Hundred Dollars ($100) Assessed Value for Real Property Tax Rate for Calendar Year 2002 for Real Property Located in the Marshall Electric Power and Light Service District (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)  (tabled from April 1, 2002)  

4.      A Resolution to Commit Land Use Roll Back Tax Collections for Support of a Fauquier County Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program for Future Agricultural Use (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Bob Lee, Staff)

5.      A Resolution to Authorize Lease Purchase Financing with the Virginia Resources Authority in the Amount of $7,400,000 to Implement the Public Safety Radio Program (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Tony Hooper, Staff) 

6.       A Resolution Establishing an Environmental Clean-Up Program (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Tony Hooper, Staff)   

7.      A Resolution Adopting the Catlett, Calverton and Midland Village Service Text Amendments to the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Rick Carr, Staff)  (tabled from March 18, 2002)  

8.      A Resolution to Authorize Acquisition of the Designated Portion of the Wampler Tract for the Southern Sports Complex  (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Larry Miller, Staff) (tabled from March 18, 2002)   

9.      A Resolution Authorizing the Scheduling of a Public Hearing on a Proposed Ordinance Amending Article II Chapter 8 of the Code of Fauquier County to Revise Section 8-3 (Exemption for Elderly and Disabled) to Provide for Increased Financial Limitations for Qualification for Relief from Real Property Tax (Larry Weeks, Sponsor; Ross D’Urso, Staff)  


Supervisors Time 


Public Hearings
Warren Green Meeting Room
7:00 p.m.

a)      Special Exception (#SE01-S-14, #SE01-S-15, and #SE01-S-16) - Brookside Communities, LLC, and Brookside Development, LLC, owner/applicant (Scott District) 

b)      Proffer Revision (#PR01-S-02) - Brookside Communities, LLC, and Brookside Development, LLC, owner/applicant (Scott District) 

c)      Comprehensive Plan Amendment (#CPA00-S-05) - R. G. Holdings, LP, owner, and Brookside Development, LLC, applicant (Scott District) 

d)      Special  Exception (#SEA02-CR-04) - Fauquier County (Warrenton-Fauquier Airport), owner, and Carl V. Hunt, applicant (Cedar Run District) 

e)       Comprehensive Plan Amendment (New Baltimore Service District) for a Street
Interconnection with Old Alexandria Turnpike (Route 693)
(Scott District) 

f)       Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Chapter 10 – Transportation (Lee District) (tabled from March 18, 2002). 

g)      Rezoning - (RZ 98-CR-13) - Calvin L. Ritchie, owner/applicant  (Cedar Run District) 

h)      Capital Improvements Plan FY2003-2007  

i)        Amendment to FY 2002 Budget in the Amount of $2,428,620  

j)        An Ordinance Approving a Proposed Contract for Electrical Service to the County  Note:  Copies of the proposed new Virginia Power contract and rate schedules are available for review at the Public Library and  through the County Administrator's Office.  Due to the size of the documents, the memory consumed for Agenda Review and current computer capabilities make it too difficult to present  the document on the Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda Web Page at this time. 

k)      Commonwealth Green Energy Proposal and Lease (Cedar Run District) 

l)        Code of Fauquier County Ordinance Amendment of Subsection 16-6(24) 

m)    Proposed Lease of Parcels of Land to the Birmingham Green Adult Care Residence


Next Regular Meeting:  
May 20, 2002 - Warren Green Bldg - 6:30 p.m.

* The Agenda may be modified on adoption by the Board of Supervisors in the form of additions, deletions or revisions.