Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Sharon McCamy, Vice-Chair, Lee District Supervisor

April 15, 2002

Staff Lead:


Frederick P.D. Carr

Community Development


On December 17, 2001, the Board of Supervisors directed, by resolution, that the Planning Commission conduct a public hearing and provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the removal of the Route 28/17 Interchange from the Bealeton Service District Transportation Plan, as contained in Chapter Ten of the Comprehensive Plan.  

The Bealeton Service District Transportation Plan  (Map 10.3) is enclosed.  The Route 28/17 interchange for the marked rural principal arterial and the interchange on Route 17 south of the rail line (extension of Route 805), shown on the existing plan map, are recommended for removal from the plan.  Note that the Citizen Committee service district plan amendments for Bealeton, Opal and Remington are currently being drafted, and will present a more comprehensive transportation plan for Planning Commission and Board of Supervisorsí consideration and action in 2002.  In the interim, removal of both interchanges is essential so Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), property owners, and developers clearly understand that neither facility is desired at those locations.  

Kellerco provided an assessment for the Route 28/17 intersection within Bealeton, which is enclosed for Planning Commission reference.  Note that VDOT wants to complete the design and construction of that interchange with $14+ million as part of the approved Commonwealth Transportation Board Six-Year Plan.  The basic finding in the Kellerco assessment is that an interchange is not warranted over the next twenty years.  Intersection improvements and the addition of lanes through time would meet the peak hour traffic demands.

Requested Action:


The Planning Commission recommended that the Board of Supervisors remove the Route 28/17 and Route 805 (extended)/17 interchange locations as requested (Reference Resolution in Attachment 1).


Financial Impacts Analysis:

If the $14+ million were available under current budgetary constraints, there are other intersectional improvements along Route 28, from the Prince William County line to Route 29, the Opal Route 29/17 interchange, the Route 29/215 intersection and Route 215 realignment, which warrant more attention at this time.  Note that the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution recommending the elimination of the Route 28/17 interchange in December of 2001, which was presented to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB).  The CTB did not remove the interchange.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Bealeton Property Owners

Virginia Department of Transportation


1.   Resolution for Adopting the Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment

2.   Future Situation At Route 28/17 Intersection In Bealeton (Village) Service District (Kellerco Technical Memorandum)

3.   Recommended Short-Term Action Plan For Route 28 Corridor Between US 15-29 And Prince William County (Kellerco Technical Memorandum)