Public Safety Radio System Update


  1. General Progress


    1. Sites


                                                               i.      SBA, Marshall, & View Tree Final inspection scheduled. Testing/Generators/Equipment/Final Documentation

                                                             ii.      Ensors Shop Final site work stage 95% complete

                                                            iii.      Blue Mountain Towers up. Final inspections to be scheduled

                                                           iv.      WFJCC Consoles installed

                                                             v.      WPD Back-up site Need fiber connections Town/County project. Bid document being prepared


    1. Equipment Installation


                                                               i.      Towers/Antennas/Shelters 95% complete

                                                             ii.      Microwave 95% complete


    1. Fleeting mapping Complete Ready to program radios


    1. Subscriber Equipment


                                                               i.      Mobiles/Portables have been received

                                                             ii.      Programming/Installation Vendor/Bill Dugan Fire/Rescue Stations


    1. Microwave Installed Tested


    1. 800 Frequency License


                                                               i.      Eight (8) channels/ Five (5) sites pending final FCC License Temporary Authorization through 6/30/04, subject to renewal if needed


    1. Paging Contract awarded. Frequency application pending UHF


  1. Remaining Work


    1. System Integration/Optimization                                          Target Date


                                                               i.      Cut over plan nearing completion                               3/15/04

                                                             ii.      R-56 Audit                                                                     4/7/04

                                                            iii.      Optimize Each Site in progress                                   3/15/04

                                                           iv.      Install Test Radios                                                        3/29/04

                                                             v.      MOSCAD Integration/Testing                                        4/7/04

                                                           vi.      Verify system operation/coverage                                  4/17/04



    1. Acceptance Testing                                                               Target Date


                                                               i.      Microwave System                                                       3/18/04

                                                             ii.      Radio Facility Performance                                           3/31/04

                                                            iii.      Interference Tests                                                           4/3/04

                                                           iv.      MOSCAD Alarm Tests                                                4/13/04

                                                             v.      System end-to-end perform tests                                  4/13/04

                                                           vi.      Trunked Radio Features Performance Tests                  4/14/04

                                                          vii.      Interoperability                                                             4/15/04

                                                        viii.      Simulcast                                                                      4/16/04

                                                           ix.      Failure Mode                                                                4/15/04

                                                             x.      30-day Test Evaluation                                                 5/15/04

                                                           xi.      Conditional Test Complete                                            5/15/04

                                                          xii.      Resolve Punch List Items                                              5/30/04


    1. Training                                                                                  Target Date


                                                               i.      User Training/Train the Trainer Mobile/Portable            4/22/04

                                                             ii.      Console Operator Training                                            4/20/04

                                                            iii.      Console Administration                                                 4/18/04

                                                           iv.      Subscriber Maintenance                                                4/22/04

                                                             v.      System Administration/Support                                     4/20/04

                                                           vi.      Follow-up                                                                    4/24/04


    1. Program/Install Subscriber    Units                                       Target Date


                                                               i.      Install Mobiles                                                             5/30/04

                                                             ii.      Distribute Portables                                                      4/15/04


    1. System Coverage Test                                                          5/3/04 to 5/17/04


    1. Cutover                                                                                   5/31/04


    1. Final Documentation/System Accept                                    6/30/04


    1. System Commissioning                                                          10/22/04