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April 21, 2003 

Work Session
4th Floor Conference Room
Circuit Court and Office Building
1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.          Agenda Review  

2:00 p.m.          Fauquier County Legislative Report (Randy Wheeler, Staff)  

2:30 p.m.         Discussion of Authority to Waive A Portion of the Current Delinquent Tax Penalty Relating to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPTRA) (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)  

3:00 p.m.          Presentation of Conceptual Plan for Northern Sports Field Complex (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Ron Mabry, Staff)  

3:30 p.m.          3D Modeling and Analysis - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Lori Hertig, Staff)  

4:00 p.m.          Review Proposed Changes to the Organizational Balanced Scorecard (Bob Lee, Sponsor/Staff)  

4:30 p.m.         Discussion of Potential Reuse of the Shadowlawn and Parks and Recreation Administration Buildings Located on Culpeper Street, Warrenton (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)

Regular Sessions
The Barn at Lord Fairfax Community College
6480 College Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
6:30 p.m.

Possible additions to the agenda and related materials are not set forth herein.

Invocation – Larry Weeks

Pledge of Allegiance  

Adoption of the Agenda  

Citizens Time  

Proclamations and Recognitions  

  • A Proclamation to Honor James Lawrence in Recognition of Thirty-Eight Years of Distinguished Service to the Citizens of Fauquier County


  • A Proclamation to Recognize and Commend the Outstanding Services of Public Safety Personnel During the Winter Storm of 2003  

  • A Proclamation to Designate the Week of May 18-24, 2003 as Emergency Medical Services Week

1)      Consent Agenda  

a)      Approval of the Minutes for the March 17, 2003 Regular Meeting and March 25, 2003 Adjourned Meeting of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors  

b)      A Resolution to Update and Re-adopt the Fauquier County Emergency Operations Plan (Public Safety Committee, Sponsor; Philip Myer, Staff)  

c)      A Resolution Accepting the Award of Recreational Access Grant Funding for the Northern Sports Field Complex  (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Ron Mabry, Staff)  

d)      A Resolution Approving the Conceptual Plan for the Northern Sports Field Complex and Community Park (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Ron Mabry, Staff)  

e)      A Resolution Authorizing the Revision of Selected Human Resources Policies  (Personnel Committee, Sponsor; Francine Bouldin, Staff)  

f)       A Resolution to Approve a Memorandum of Understanding to Provide Personnel and Financial Services for the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

g)      A Resolution to Authorize the County Administrator to Provide Certification of Local Approval of Non-Profit Applicants for the SHARE Federal Grant (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

h)      A Resolution To Schedule A Public Hearing To Consider Granting An Easement To Dominion Virginia Power At The Landfill To Provide For The Relocation Of Electric Lines And Facilities (Raymond Graham, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

i)        Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (PP03-S-14) – Mary Anne Smith Subdivision, Scott District (Mary Anne Smith, Owner/Dan L. Hensley, Sr., Applicant; Kristen Slawter, Staff)  

j)        A Resolution Referring to the Planning Commission a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 3-315 to Allow an Abattoir; a Zoning Map Amendment for the Portion of the Property Referenced as PIN #7808-52-4186; and a Waiver of Fees for an Associated Special Exception Application (Raymond Graham, Sponsor; Kimberley Johnson, Staff)  

k)      Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (PP03-CR-12) – Myers Subdivision, Cedar Run District (John F. Myers, Jr., Owner/Applicant; Deirdre Clark, Staff)  

l)        Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (PP03-C-04) – Sterling Valley Subdivision, Center District (EC Investors, LLC and Ed Miller, Owners/Applicants; Deirdre Clark, Staff)  

m)    Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (PP03-CR-02) – Sycamore Springs Subdivision, Cedar Run District (J. Randolph Parks, Trustee and Mike Stumpo, Owners/Applicants; Deirdre Clark, Staff)    

n)      A Resolution to Authorize a Change in the Location of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors’ Regular Meetings (Joe Winkelmann,  Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)  

o)      A Resolution to Authorize Donation of County Surplus Property to the Town of the Plains (Larry Weeks, Sponsor; Robert Lee, Staff)  

p)      A Resolution to Establish Cash Drawers for the Pool at Vint Hill Entry Control Unit  (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Larry Miller, Staff)

2)      A Resolution to Appropriate the Fiscal Year 2004 Budget (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff)  

3)      A Resolution Directing the County Administrator to Schedule a Public Hearing on a Proposed Amendment to Section 16-6(12) of the Code of Fauquier County to Permit Swimming in the Public Pools Located Within Any Park in the County (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)  

4)      A Resolution to Amend the October 21, 2002 Board of Supervisors’ Proffer Policy to Permit the Acceptance of Conservation Easements (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)  

5)      A Resolution to Approve the Settlement of that Particular Litigation Styled County of Fauquier, et al. v. Joyce Ann Haley Thomas, et al, Law No. 98-389 (Town/County Liaison Committee, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)  

6)      A Resolution to Determine Compensation for Members of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Effective January 1, 2004 (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)  

7)      A Resolution to Waive Zoning Ordinance Section 7-302.1.B to Allow a Private Street that Does Not Connect Directly to a State Maintained Street, Scott District (Russell and Mary Culver, Owners/Applicants; Chuck Floyd, Staff)  

8)      Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (PP03-M-19) – Cannon Ridge Subdivision, Marshall District (Douglas and Sharon Darling, Owners/Applicants; Deirdre Clark, Staff)


  • Disabilities Services Board

  • Industrial Development Authority, Marshall District

  • Library Board

  • Local Workforce Investment Board

  • Warrenton-Fauquier Airport Committee 
  • Finance Committee

Supervisors Time  


Public Hearings
The Barn at Lord Fairfax Community College
6480 College Street
Warrenton, VA 20186

7:00 p.m.

  1. A Resolution to Amend the  FY 2003 Adopted Budget in the Amount of $2,010,201 -The Code of Virginia requires a public hearing when amendments to the budget exceed the lesser of $500,000 or 1% of the total budget.  Various budget related issues in the amount of $1,864,172 in appropriations and $146,029 in transfers totaling $2,010,201 have been identified which require a public hearing, including, but not limited to:  recreation access grant for Northern Sports Field Complex; contingency reserve for Monroe Park Phase II; year-end funds for monitoring school parking lots; fund balance for Northern Swimming Pool; and fund balance for Catlett/Calverton water and sewer project. 
  1. #SER03-M-02 – The Salahi Family Limited Partnership, owner / applicant – Oasis Winery – Applicant wishes to obtain special exception renewal under Category 9, which would allow for the continuation of a winery with spectator and non-spectator field events and activities (Class C).  The property is located on the south side of Hume Road (Route 635), Marshall District   (PIN #5998-87-0439-000 and 5998-88-4344-000).

3.      #SE03-C-11 – George C. & Helen F. Elmore, owner, and Bechtel Telecommunications – A T & T Wireless Service, Inc.Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 20, which would allow for the construction of a 110-foot monopole, antennas, and related equipment.  The property contains 55.5 acres and is located at the end of Elmores Lane, south of Dumfries Road (Route 605), Center District (PIN #7904-15-6717-000) (continued from March 17, 2003 ).  

4.      #SE03-M-19 – Douglas E. Darling, owner / applicant – Cannon Ridge Subdivision Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 27, which would allow for a decrease in the common open space requirement.  The property is located on the southeast side of Routes 55 and 17, Marshall District   (PIN #6969-47-7043-000 and 6969-47-3414-000).  

5.      #SE03-S-25 – Craig J. & Nina K. Anderson – Sweetwater Subdivision Applicants wish to obtain special exception approval under Category 29, which would allow for a waiver of the public street requirement in residential zones.  The property is described as Lot 3, Sweetwater Subdivision, Scott District   (PIN # 7915-26-1743-000, 7915-26-0533-000 and 7915-26-3740).  

6.      Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the Warrenton Service District The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors has initiated a proposed plan amendment affecting a portion of the St. Leonard ’s Farm ( +145 acres) north of Route 211.  The Warrenton Wastewater Treatment Plant borders the referenced property to the east, while Old Waterloo and Lower Waterloo Roads are located immediately to the north.  The plan amendment extends the service district boundary to include the referenced property which is planned for a + 65 acre Town Park, while the balance is designated Low Density Residential (1 dwelling unit / acre) (continued from March 17, 2003 ).  

7.      #RZ03-M-09 – St. Leonard ’s Farm, Inc., owner / applicant Applicant wishes to rezone approximately eighty (80) acres of a 1,038 acre tract from Rural Agriculture (RA) to Residential-1 (R-1).  The property is located on Route 211 at the western limits of the Town of Warrenton , Marshall District   (PIN #6974-62-2223-000 and 6974-45-6306-000)   (continued from March 17, 2003).  

8.      #RZ03-L-02 – William F. and Lewis N. Springer and Delorise Gordon, owners, and Robert N. Springer, applicant – Fox MeadowsApplicant wishes to rezone approximately 90 acres from Rural Agricultural (RA) to Residential–4 (R-4).  The property is located on the northwest side of Route 28 south of Oak Shade Road (Route 661), Lee District   (PIN’s #6889-54-9393-000, 6889-74-0648-000, and 6889-75-2303-000).  

9.      Proposed Utility Easement - Consider a proposed grant of a 15' utility easement to the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative over PIN #7915-64-9304-000 for purposes of providing electricity to the Vint Hill Pool Complex, located in Cedar Run Magisterial District.


Next Regular Meeting:

May 19, 2003
The Barn at Lord Fairfax Community College  
6480 College Street ·  Warrenton , VA   20187
  6:30 p.m.  

* The Agenda may be modified on adoption by the Board of Supervisors in the form of additions, deletions or revisions.