Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Chester W. Stribling, Chairman, Lee District Supervisor

May 8, 2008

Staff Lead:


Anthony I. Hooper, Deputy County Administrator

County Administration


A Work Session to Review Capital Projects and the FY 2009-2018 Capital Improvement Program


Topic Description:

During the recent budget review process, the Board of Supervisors expressed an interest in reviewing capital projects in order to reassess priorities given the current fiscal challenges facing the County. 

As a part of that process, staff has identified existing capital projects that have budget appropriations from previous fiscal years.  It was the desire of some Board members to close out completed projects and to place other projects on hold until sufficient revenues are identified to complete them.  The concept was to review current projects, to transfer existing balances from some projects to a capital reserve account and then to consider funding future requests as needed from the Reserve account.  It is believed that this approach will help establish project priorities and provide a good reference to determine available funding.   

Actions taken during the recent budget adoption process also necessitate changes in the recommended Capital Improvements Program.  These changes will be reviewed with the objective of adopting the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2009-FY2018.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

  1. Review capital projects and determine funding to be transferred to the Construction Reserve Account. (Attachment 1 and Attachment 2)

  2. Recommend changes to the proposed FY 2009 –FY 2018 Capital Improvements Program. (Attachment 3)

Financial Impacts Analysis:

As identified in the supporting documents.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:  

Parks and Recreation
General Services
Sheriff’s Office
Emergency Services

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