WHEREAS, on April 3, 2008, Walter Nelson Munster passed away quietly at his home on Glen Bolton Farm in The Plains, Virginia; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster was born in San Pedro California in 1916; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelorís Degree in Chemistry in 1937, and then earned a Masterís Degree at Berkeley, California; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster began his career at Standard Oil and began work on his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the University of Virginia; and

                WHEREAS, before Mr. Munster could complete his Ph.D., Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan and he was called to work for the national synthetic rubber program to assist the country in obtaining needed rubber for military uses after Japan had cut off the rubber supply; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster worked on helping countries such as Finland and Australia to establish nuclear programs as alternate energy sources; and

                WHEREAS, in 1964, Mr. Munster was one of the first directors of the American Society of Cybernetics; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster was gifted with a beautiful singing voice and performed with various chorale groups; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster was an avid hunter and sportsman; and

                WHEREAS, after retirement, Mr. Munster lived full time on his farm; and

                WHEREAS, beginning in 1977, Mr. Munster served as the Scott Magisterial District representative on the Planning Commission for twenty-four years; and

                WHEREAS, for six of those years, Mr. Munster served as chairman of the Planning Commission; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster had a great respect for the beauty, openness and sense of pride in Fauquier County; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster worked diligently to preserve Fauquier Countyís treasured farmlands and picturesque villages and hamlets; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Munster played an invaluable role in the shaping of Fauquier Countyís Comprehensive Plan; and

                WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors would like to recognize and honor Mr. Munster for his dedication and service to the citizens of Fauquier County; and

                WHEREAS, the Board wishes to convey its sympathy and appreciation to Mr. Munsterís wife, Mary, and his family; now, therefore, be it

                PROCLAIMED this 8th day of May 2008, That the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors hereby recognizes and honors Walter Munster and expresses its deepest sympathy and appreciation to his wife and family. 



Chester W. Stribling

Chairman of the Board

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