An Ordinance to Amend Section 7-2 of the Fauquier County Code to Relocate the Catlett Precinct Polling Place to H.M. Pearson Elementary School

            WHEREAS, the Catlett Precinct Polling Place is currently located at Catlett Volunteer Fire Company; and

            WHEREAS, the Catlett Volunteer Fire Company has scheduled demolition which will preclude the use of the Fire Company as a polling place in the June 2006 primary election; and

            WHEREAS, the School Division has agreed to make H.M. Pearson Elementary School available as a polling place; and

            WHEREAS, H.M. Pearson is a suitable polling place for the Catlett voting precinct; now, therefore be it

            ORDAINED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 11th day of May 2006, That the Fauquier County voting precinct location for Catlett Precinct be, and is hereby, relocated as amended herein; and, be it

            ORDAINED FURTHER, That the County Attorney be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to forward copies of the Ordinance to the Fauquier County Electoral Board, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Sate Board of Elections, and the Division of Legislative Services; and, be it

            ORDAINED FINALLY, That Section 7-2 of the County Code be, and is hereby, amended and readopted as follows:

Sec. 7-2. Same--Enumerated.

The precincts for each magisterial district and the polling places for each precinct shall be as set forth below:

            (1)   Cedar Run magisterial district: 

            a.   Opal precinct, Liberty High School.

            b.   Casanova precinct, Dominion Virginia Power Building.

            c.   Catlett precinct, Catlett Fire Hall H.M. Pearson Elementary School.

            d.   Kettle Run precinct, St. Stephen's Church.

            e.   Lois precinct, Community Christian Church.


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