Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


Planning Commission


May 12, 2005

Staff Lead:


W. Todd Benson, Assistant Zoning Administrator



Community Development




Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 3-314 to Allow Automobile Repair and Recreational Vehicle Storage in I-2 Districts


Topic Description:


The proposed text amendment would amend Section 3-314(3) to permit automobile repair in   I-2 Districts as a matter of right and Section 3-314(13) to permit recreational vehicle storage in I-2 Districts as a matter of right.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:


Conduct a public hearing on the proposed text amendment and consider adoption of the attached Ordinance.

Financial Impact Analysis:

No financial impact analysis has been conducted.


Summary Staff Report:


Automobile repair and recreational vehicle storage are allowed by right in I-1 Districts.  This proposed amendment would extend these permitted by right uses into I-2 Districts.


The impetus for this change is a request from Arthur E. McKenny, who owns I-2 zoned property located on Whiting Road.  Mr. McKenny is seeking more flexibility in how he can use his land.  As was noted in a recent letter to the Zoning Administrator on Mr. McKenny’s behalf:


§         Although auto body and auto painting establishments are permitted uses in the I-2 district, facilities for mechanical auto repair are currently precluded. Staff suggests that there is little difference in the appearance and/or function of these establishments and that differences in the impacts associated with vehicle parking/storage, supply deliveries and customer-related traffic are indiscernible. Staff therefore requests that Zoning Ordinance Section 3-314-3 be amended to include Auto Repair Garage as a permitted use in the I-2 Zoning District.


§         Currently the I-1 zoning district allows Recreational Vehicle Storage Areas as a permitted use. Staff suggests that the inclusion of such facilities in the I-2 district as well would expand low-impact development options and would present no adverse consequences. Staff therefore requests that Zoning Ordinance Section 3-314-13 be amended to include Recreational Vehicle Storage Areas as a permitted use in the I-2 Zoning District.


On January 29, 2005, the Planning Commission initiated the text amendment and scheduled the public hearing on February 17, 2005. After the public hearing, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended adoption of the proposed text amendment.  Because of a notice problem, this matter was taken off of the Board of Supervisors’ April agenda and rescheduled for May.  The Planning Commission had suggested that both the Auto Repair Garage and Recreational Vehicle Storage Areas be classified a special permit use.  At the Board of Supervisors April meeting, due to traffic concerns, only the Auto Repair was supported as a special permit use, while Recreational Vehicle Storage Areas was preferred as a permitted use, and that is reflected in the proposed Ordinance chart.

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