WHEREAS, Fauquier County is where many citizens aged 55 and over make their homes; and

            WHEREAS, older adults in Fauquier County and throughout the nation are an increasing population with evolving needs; and

            WHEREAS, older Americans are valuable members of our society who enhance our communities and personal lives; and

            WHEREAS, the increasing number of baby boomers reaching traditional retirement age highlights the need for increased support of older adults; and

            WHEREAS, our older citizens of today and tomorrow promise to be among the most active and involved older adult populations in our nationís history; and

            WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of this and all United States communities to work collaboratively to address older adults, unique health and long-term care challenges; and

            WHEREAS, it is crucial that communities modernize systems of care to help empower older Americans and give them more control over their own lives; and

            WHEREAS, communities can improve older citizensí overall quality of life by helping them make behavioral changes in their lifestyles that can reduce the risk of disease, disability, and injury; obtain the tools they need to make informed decisions about, and gain better access to, existing health and long-term care options in their communities; and have more options to remain at home as long as possible; now, therefore, be it

PROCLAIMED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 14th day of May 2009, That the Board of Supervisors does hereby designate May 2009 to be Older Americans Month in Fauquier and urges everyone to take time this month to honor our older adults and the professionals, family members, and citizens who care for them. 




R. Holder Trumbo, Jr.

Chairman of the Board

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