The Ad Hoc Transient Occupancy Tax Study Committee


            The Ad Hoc Transient Occupancy Tax Study Committee held a meeting on May 11, 2004.  At the meeting, the committee reviewed the use of the occupancy tax by surrounding communities, heard comments regarding the Warrenton tax, discussed the issue of earmarking tax proceeds for tourism and economic development, reviewed the County Attorney’s opinion regarding the ability of the County to deviate from the State code concerning special lodging issues and reviewed the proposed ordinance.  The committee heard from representatives of the Chamber and the lodging and tourism sector.


            The committee discussed the fact that the Adopted 2005 Budget includes $160,000 estimated to be derived from the Occupancy Tax.


            The committee forwards three options for the Board’s consideration:


1.      Adopt the Ordinance

2.      Do no adopt the Ordinance. Revise the adopted budget to eliminate the Department of Economic Development; however, create a new department of Tourism and continue funding for the Small Business Development Center. Revenue reduction $160,000 – Expenditure Reduction $207,558.

3.      Do not adopt the Ordinance at this time. Reconsider the issue as a part of the 2006 Budget process.