Meeting Date:

 Raymond E. Graham, Cedar Run District


May 19, 2003

Staff Lead:


Frederick P.D. Carr


Community Development

Topic:   Introduction of the Engineers & Surveyors Institute to the Fauquier County Development Process


Topic Description:  

A briefing on the Engineers & Surveyors Institute (ESI) program and its proposed introduction to the development review process for two application categories:  (1) construction plans and profiles, and (2) site plans will be presented.  

Briefing Materials:   

The Department of Community Development is proposing to introduce Engineers & Surveyors Institute (ESI) into the review process for the two referenced plan categories.  With increased application volume in the complex construction and site plan categories, County staff and referral agencies are being handcuffed by mandatory action timelines and a declining quality in plan submittals.  

The Departmentís primary objectives are two-fold: first, the need to see better plan submissions meeting checklist requirements, and second, to actively seek to improve plan review processes.  Improved plan quality enables the County, Health Department, VDOT and WSA staff to comprehensively review and comment on filed applications, rather than commenting initially on fatal flaws.  All agencies are operating with staffing constraints and need not to serve as a quality control review for submitting firms that need to fulfill that responsibility.  On the other hand, the County needs to provide a predictable development review process with clear submission requirements, comprehensive and consistent referral review and comments pursuant to development regulation requirements.  

Refer to Attachment 1 for the general details.  Christer Carshult, County Engineer , and Terry Ryan, ESI Executive Director, will be available to respond to detailed questions.


Financial Impact Analysis:

The program is funded through fees or other similar methods paid by applicants.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:  

Department of Community Development

Referral Agencies Participating in the Technical Review Committee Process

Engineers & Surveyors