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Personnel Committee                                                                            May 19, 2003  

Staff Lead and Department:

Ross D’Urso, Commissioner of the Revenue  


A Resolution Authorizing a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment for Eligible Employees of Fauquier County Government  

Topic Description:  

The FY 04 adopted budget allocates an amount equal to 3% of total salaries for the purpose of potential pay increases.  In the recent past, a pool of funds allowing as much as an 8% increase was allocated to reward outstanding performers under the pay for performance plan. The Fauquier County Human Resources Policy #22, section IV, paragraphs F & G, outlines the possible ways in which employees may receive enhanced pay.  

The performance evaluation system provides for 6 levels of performance, of which 5 would be anticipated to have a monetary impact on the employee being evaluated.  The allocation of 3%, as provided for in the budget, if distributed evenly among the ratings, would provide 0.6% of salary change for each higher level of performance.  Although the concept and practice of performance evaluation as a management tool designed to inspire a highly motivated and dynamic workforce is fully supported, it is believed that 0.6% between categories is not a sufficient differential.  

Given the budget constraints, a request is not made to increase the level of appropriation for pay enhancement. Rather, it is requested that the Board of Supervisors exercise the existing language of Human Resources Policy #22, section IV, paragraph G.  This action would amend the FY 2004 Budget language to change the wording in order to deem the allocated 3% funding as a cost of living adjustment for all employees receiving an overall performance evaluation of meets standards or above.  

This request is not intended to recommend an abandonment of the performance evaluation system or merit pay funding.  However, it is hoped that the Board will recognize that giving employees who rise to the level of outstanding performance a pay raise based on an amount that approximates a cost of living adjustment in Fauquier County does not make for an effective program.  It is hoped that in the future, if it is possible, both cost of living and performance raises will be funded.  

The Personnel Committee has endorsed this proposal.   

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.


Fiscal Impact:

No additional funding, beyond that approved as part of the FY 2004 Adopted Budget is required.


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All Departments of Fauquier County Government