Owner/Applicant:                                              Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Vint Hill Farms EDA/Owen W. Bludau                                              May 19, 2003

Staff Lead:                                                                                          Department:

Chuck Floyd                                                                       Community Development        

Magisterial District:                                                                               PIN:

Cedar Run                                                                                7925-05-6356-000

Service District:

New Baltimore



The applicant is seeking Preliminary Plat approval to divide approximately 30.87 acres into twenty-nine (29) single-family residential lots. The subject property is approximately 30.87 acres, and is zoned Planned Residential Development (PRD). The property is within the Vint Hill Planned Development, north of Rogues Road (Route 602), south of Vint Hill Road (Route 215), and east of Route 652.  

Section 9-7 of the Subdivision Ordinance requires that "…all preliminary plats approved by the Planning Commission shall be referred to the Board of Supervisors at its next regularly scheduled meeting…If the Board takes no action on the preliminary plat referral, the preliminary plat shall be deemed approved in accordance with the actions of the Planning Commission."                                                                            

The Planning Commission staff reports are available upon request.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

No action is necessary, unless a majority of the Board wishes to consider this preliminary subdivision application.  On March 24, 2003 , the Planning Commission voted to approve the Vint Hill Land Bay I Preliminary Plat subject to the conditions noted below.

      1.   All road design and construction shall be in accordance with VDOT’s Subdivision Street Requirements manual and VDOT’s Road and Bridge Standards.        

  1. Road and other construction shall ensure drainage water will not rise higher than 18” below the shoulder of proposed or existing public roads.  At a minimum, culverts shall be designed to accommodate the following flood frequencies:

Secondary and Subdivision streets        10-year

Primary and Parkways              25-year

  1. Trees within streets’ right-of-way shall not be credited towards satisfying  Fauquier County ’s tree canopy ordinance.
  2. It is desirable for all parallel utilities to be placed outside the street’s right-of-way.  However, any parallel utility placement within the highway right-of-way must be placed on the outer 3 to 5 feet of the edge of the right-of-way with the exception of sanitary sewer placement in the parking lane.  Sewer manholes shall not be located in the travel-way of the street.  Deviation from this condition requires prior approval by VDOT and will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Unpaved portions of the streets’ right-of-way shall not be credited towards open space requirements.
  4. In accord with Section 7-603 2. of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance, Residential Subdivisions, a landscape plan shall be required at the construction drawing phase.
  5. The trails network shall be generally in conformance with the revised plan dated February 14, 2003 .
  6. The Final Plat shall be in general conformance with the revised plan dated February 14, 2003 .
  7.  Due to the waiver of the Preliminary Soil Report and the general nature of the soil information, a geotechnical report shall be required for each foundation in this proposed subdivision.
  8. State the source (Fauquier County Soil Survey) and original scale (originally mapped at 1” = 1320’) of the soil map shown on sheet 5 of 8.
  9.  Include all interpretive information from the table in the Interpretive Guide to Soils of Fauquier County on sheet 5 of 8.  State source of information.
  10.  Add symbols legend to soil map on sheet 5 of 8. 


Preliminary Plat