Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

G. Robert Lee, County Administrator

May 20, 2002

Staff Lead:


J. Randall  Wheeler, Deputy County Administrator

County Administration


Balanced Scorecard Breakthrough Strategies

Topic Description:

For the past several months, an executive level Strategy Team consisting of the County Administrator, the Treasurer, the Commissioner of the Revenue and other Senior Staff members has been working on a process to improve the County Government's ability to support/achieve the Board of Supervisors' long term objectives, as contained within the County's Vision Statement. 

The specific objectives identified by the Strategy Team are: 

  1. Balance Quality Service with Fiscal Integrity;
  2. Manage Growth in a Manner which Protects the County’s Agriculture, Environment, Quality of Life, and Historic Resources; and
  3. Conduct County Government Openly.

To achieve this goal, County Administration has selected the Balanced Scorecard as the management system to translate these objectives into tangible strategies and measures. The Balanced Scorecard uses four perspectives to ensure a balanced approach to evaluating performance related to organizational objectives. The four perspectives are: customer, financial, internal process and learning and growth.   

The Balanced Scorecard will allow the County to translate strategy into operational terms that everyone can understand. By creating this understanding, the County departments and offices can more easily align their activities around the strategy; therefore, making strategy everyone’s job.  

The projected benefits of the Balanced Scorecard to the County are: 

  • Clarifying the County’s vision;
  • Aligning County operations to achieve that vision;
  • Integrating strategic planning and resource allocation; and
  • Improving management effectiveness by providing appropriate information for directing change, i.e. measurement.

At this time, a  Measurement Team, consisting primarily of department heads and key division heads, is developing the Strategy Team on supporting performance targets and measurements to measure each strategy and progress toward long term objectives. It is hoped that these measures will be ready for Board consideration by the end of Summer 2002. 

 It is anticipated that the "corporate scorecard" will be completed prior to the FY 2004 budget year. The development of key business unit and departmental scorecards, including measures, is also envisioned to be a major focus in the upcoming fiscal year.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

The Strategy Team is requesting that the Board of Supervisors endorse the objectives and strategies recommended by the Strategy Team.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

There is no immediate fiscal impact, though several items will require future funding or reprioritization of the existing resources. The endorsement of these objectives and strategies does not unalterably commit the Board of Supervisors to any future funding decision.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Team

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