Memorandum Of Agreement
Fauquier County Board Of Supervisors
Bealeton Station Limited Partnership

Subject: Use of swimming pool for swim lessons.

  1. Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department is authorized to use the Bealeton Station Limited Partnership apartment complex swimming pool for swim lessons during the dates and times as follows:

Swim Lessons:       June 21- August 20

                              Monday-Thursdays, 8:30-11:00 am

Fridays will be used for class make-ups

                              Lessons will not be held July 4th

  1. Special Events may be co-sponsored if mutually agreed upon by both parties and placed in writing.
  2. The Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department will ensure that all participants sign a waiver of liability and parental consent for all minors registered by the Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department. Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department will maintain proper supervision of all swim lessons in accordance with American Red Cross guidelines at the Bealeton Station swimming pool.
  3. The sum of $5.00 per hour will be paid to the Bealeton Station Apartments for the days and hours the pool is used by the Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department. Remittance for said fees should be billed to: Southern Region, 10066 Rogues Road, Midland, VA 22728. Payment will be made within 45 days of receipt.
  4. Bealeton Station Apartments agrees to maintain proper water levels for use by Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department and to provide maintenance to ensure Red Cross Safety Standards are met during swim lessons. Bealeton Station Apartments will notify Larry W. Miller, Director, Parks & Recreation Department, (540) 347-6896 of any need for maintenance. Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department instructors are required to skim the pool before each class to remove debris from pool surfaces.
  5. Fauquier County Parks & Recreation will ensure that the pool decks and bathhouses are left clean and orderly. If for any reason the condition of the property is unsatisfactory for the conduct of swimming lessons, Fauquier County Parks & Recreation shall notify Bealeton Station Apartments staff immediately. Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department representatives will obtain keys to the Facilities at the Bealeton Station Apartment Management Office on or before June 21 and return immediately after all classes for the season are ended. A list of approved Parks & Recreation representatives will be provided by the Southern Region Manager.
  6. Bealeton Station Apartment and Realty Management Associates Incorporated is indemnified to the extent authorized by law for any loss sustained or consequences of Fauquier County Parks & Recreation swimming lessons.
  7. The Board of Supervisors of Fauquier County will maintain for itís own and Bealeton Station Apartmentís protection and at the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors\ís expense a comprehensive public liability insurance policy to the extent of at least $1 million bodily injury and property damage combined single limit.
  8. Fauquier County Board of Supervisors agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Bealeton Station Limited Partnership and itís agents, affiliates, and employees against any and all claims, to the extent allowed by law, arising from the Countyís use of the Facilities. The County agrees to add Bealeton Station Limited Partnership as additional insured under the Countyís insurance coverage.
  9. This agreement shall automatically renew on April 1st of each year with such modifications to dates and times as may be agreed upon by the parties, unless either party notifies the other in writing of its intent to cancel the agreement prior to April 1.


________________________________            _____________                     

Bealeton Station Limited Partnership                  Date

By:       Stephanie R. Settle, Manager

            Bealeton Station Apartments


________________________________            _____________

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors            Date

By:        Larry W. Miller, Director

Fauquier County Parks & Recreation