Raymond E. Graham

Chairman, Board of Supervisors                                                    May 20, 2002

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Anthony I. Hooper

Assistant County Administrator

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Topic:              A Resolution to Authorize a Lease Agreement with Commonwealth Green Energy to Convert Gas to Energy at the Fauquier County Landfill 

Fauquier County has been looking for opportunities to develop a pilot project to convert the landfill gas to energy.  Recently, Commonwealth Green Energy has approached the County with a proposal to install a landfill gas collection system and equipment to convert the gas to energy.  The agreement to implement this project has been reviewed by staff and the County Attorney’s office.  The lease will provide Commonwealth Green Energy the rights to extract gas and house facilities to convert the gas to energy.

Fiscal Impact:

Under terms of the agreement, the County would receive an annual payment of $10,000 and avoid capital and operating costs associated with the installation and operation of a landfill gas collection system.  The annual payment would be indexed to the Consumer Price Index beginning in the fourth year of operation.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors

Adopt the attached resolution authorizing the execution of the agreement.

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Environmental Services

Lord Fairfax Community College