Raymond E. Graham

Chairman Board of Supervisors                                                        May 20, 2002

Department, Organization                                                                 Board of Supervisors

or Person Making Request                                                                    Meeting Date

Anthony I. Hooper

Assistant County Administrator

Staff Lead and Department

Topic:      A Resolution Approving a Plan of Lease Financing for the purpose of Acquiring, Constructing and Equipping a Public Library Facility to be Located at 10877 Willow Drive North, Bealeton, Virginia

The public hearing and adoption of the resolution will authorize lease financing in the amount of $1,700,000 to acquire, construct, and equip the branch library to be located in Bealeton.  The Board of Supervisors previously held a hearing on August 20, 2001 and authorized proceeding with the project and soliciting financial proposals for lease financing.

Bids for the construction of the branch library will be advertised, opened, and reported to the Board of Supervisors at their June 2002 meeting.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors

Conduct the public hearing and approve the resolution authorizing lease financing.

Fiscal Impact:

Funds for the construction of the library are included in the adopted capital budget.  Provisions for lease payments have been included in the County’s CIP planning process.  Debt payments are budgeted in the 2003 budget in the amount of $180,000 for this project.

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Finance Department


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