MARCH 28, 2002 



Vint Hill Farm EDA

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The applicant is proposing to subdivide approximately 40 acres of this parcel into one hundred (100) single-family lots.  As a portion of the Vint Hill Planned Residential Community, Land Bay G is designed to serve an age-specific population.   The lots will range in size from ± 5,800 square feet to ± 11,390 square feet.  Approximately 50% of this site will be retained in open space.  As proposed, the subdivision will be served by a private road that will be accessed from a public road off of Rogues Road (Route 602). 





Within the Vint Hill Planned Development, north of Rogues Road (Route 602), south of Vint Hill Road (Route 215), and east of Route 652.




Cedar Run






Part of 7925-07-5247-000, (±40 acres)




PRD (Planned Residential Development)








Large Lot Residential/Residential



Large Lot Residential/Prince William County



Large Lot Residential


STAFF PLANNER:                 Deirdre Clark 


In December of 1999, the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority secured rezoning of the 600+ acre Vint Hill site to Planned Residential Development (PRD) and Planned Commercial Industrial District (PCID).  The Vint Hill EDA is now in the process of subdividing its property in conformance with the Generalized Development Plan which was part of the 1999 rezoning. 

The subject area, Land Bay G, consists of approximately 40 acres and is zoned PRD.  The applicant seeks approval to subdivide this parcel into 100 single-family lots to create a neighborhood designed to serve an age-specific population.  The applicant proposes that Land Bay G will be served by private streets built to VDOT standards.  Proffered conditions and modifications approved with rezoning, permit a design that includes 100 age-restricted units and private streets.  However, if private streets are used, a gated entrance must be provided.  Should this neighborhood not be gated, all streets will be public and dedicated.   

The subject property is in the New Baltimore Service District.  Public water and sanitary sewer service to the site will be provided by the extension of existing facilities. 


Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance and other relevant policies and regulations.  An analysis of these referrals and the actual comments from the appropriate agencies are included as attachments to this report.


There are several outstanding issues detailed in the Staff Analysis of this report and in the Agency Comments, which are included as attachments.  Key items to be addressed in more detail by the applicant are as follows: 

1.       The width of Road Section  “B” as shown is 50 feet.  Traffic studies indicate that a 60 foot    

      width is required.  This roadway serves as access to Rogues Road (Route 602) for this future

      land bays and must meet all standards for such volume.  The proposed roadway sections do

      not reflect input provided by the County Engineer and VDOT  focused on resolving roadway

      design and construction issues.  

2.       The current design indicates the use of private streets in Land Bay G.  Proffered conditions and modifications require that the area be gated if private streets are used.  Specific information regarding the gate facility is needed.  This includes its location, size and configuration, accommodations for centralized mail delivery and pick-up by residents if required by the postal service, and access requirements for service and emergency vehicles.  Clarification regarding pedestrian access to walkways, trails and open space is needed to determine impacts of gated access. 

3.       Review of the Amended Traffic Analysis indicates the need for mitigation to address traffic generated by future development.  It is recommended that this land bay establish sufficient right-of-way for the right turn lane from Rogues Road (Route 602). Future needs include a left turn lane from Route 602. 

4.       Proposed emergency access from existing Route 602, between Lots 56 and 57, must be sized

      to accommodate emergency vehicles as determined by the Department of Emergency

      Services.  Since this should be a gated entrance, information specific to the design and

      placement of the gate is needed. 

5.       Indicate the right-of-way for the private streets as a separate dedication.  The current plan

       shows public and private streets as one dedication. 

6.       Sidewalk and walkway design proffers (Section F, 2) describe a “network that will allow pedestrian access within the site.”  It is unclear how the proposed design will meet this requirement.  No connection is shown from Land Bay G to other land bays.  Please note that sidewalks are limited in their usefulness to serve the variety of recreational needs that are better met by trails.   

7.       Clarification is needed to determine the location of the 50 foot wide vegetated buffer as described in Section 1 of the Landscape Standards noted on Sheet 8.   Rear boundary lines of lots 6, 7 and 8 are less than 50 feet from Rogues Road (Route 602). 

8.       Zoning ordinance waivers, modifications and exceptions allow for a variety of architectural design types, to include zero lot line designs.  Side and rear yard setbacks and/or a typical residence design footprint should be included on all lots. 


9.       A copy of the Homeowner’s Association Agreement is needed. Specific information is needed regarding age-restricted ownership and transfer thereof, age limits of residents, street and gate maintenance, snow removal, mail delivery, emergency and service vehicle access, signage, and pedestrian access to walkways and open space.    

10.   Street names must be indicated on the preliminary plat. 


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission defer action on this preliminary plat to allow the

applicant time to address the outstanding issues.  Of particular concern are those items related to             roadway design and construction.  Although numerous discussions have been held between VHEDA, the Fauquier County Engineer and VDOT’s Land Development Section Supervisor, the current proposal does not reflect input provided and suggestions made to resolve VHEDA’s road design issues.  Staff respectfully requests that the Planning Commission carefully evaluate this proposal so that a transferable precedent with negative impacts to future development in all areas of the county may be avoided.   


1.       Staff Analysis

2.       County Engineer Review

3.       VDOT Review

4.       Health Department Review

5.       Library Board of Trustees Review

6.       Parks and Recreation Review

7.       Office of Zoning Review

8.   Map 1, Map 2, Map 3



Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this application for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance and other relevant policies and regulations.  Staff findings, comments and recommendations, as well as referral agency comments, follow:   

1.      Comprehensive Plan 

The subject property is part of the Planned Residential District developed as part of the Vint Hill Farms Station Preferred Re-use Plan by the Vint Hill Farms Economic Development Authority.  The proposed use conforms substantially with the New Baltimore Plan. 

2.       Zoning Ordinance  

As part of a Planned Residential District, the subject property reflects the flexibility in

residential development as allowed in Article 4, Part 1 of the Zoning Ordinance. Land Bay G

is proposed as a single-family, 100 lot, age specific community with private streets

characterized by variety in architectural design and flexibility in lot widths and setbacks. 

Provisions for this were articulated in the Zoning Ordinance Waivers, Modifications and

Exceptions approved with the original re-zoning application.   

Land Bay G will be an age-restricted neighborhood with lot sizes, layout and architectural styles designed to create a specific community within the greater Planned Residential District.  The Zoning Ordinance Waivers provide that Land Bay G may be developed with private streets.  However, if private streets are utilized, an entrance gate is required.   

3.       Engineering/Transportation 

Pursuant to the approved 1999 proffers, roadway design and construction must meet VDOT standards regardless of public/private status.  Details of the proposed gate facility must be provided to determine the adequacy of access by residents, emergency and service vehicles, and the potential for back up or “stacking” onto public streets.  It is not clear if a group or cluster mail box facility will be needed, along with a parking or pull-off area to service the site.  Additional comments are included in Attachments 2 and 3

Additional information is needed to demonstrate adequate access by emergency vehicles, to include consideration for turning requirements, to the planned emergency access from Route 602. Details on the location and nature of the gate controlling this access point are needed.   

Staff requests that the applicant submit a copy of the homeowners’ association agreement.  Specific information regarding the nature of the age restriction provision is needed to effectively evaluate the proposed plan.  For example, if just one resident is required to be age 55 or older and no limits are placed on younger residents, then provisions for school buses and considerations for open space use must be evaluated.   

4.      Parks and Recreation 

Proffers addressed recreational facilities for the entire Vint Hill site.  The element for inclusion in this land bay is a system of trails providing connections to other points of interest, open space, parks, schools and population centers.  Sidewalks are limited in their usefulness to serve the variety of recreational needs that are provided by trails.  Additional comments are included in Attachment 6.