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Richmond American Homes, LLC


June 8, 2006

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Melissa Dargis, Assistant Chief of Planning


Community Development


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A Resolution to Approve Jamisonís Farm SPEX06-SC-011: A Category 23 Special Exception for Fill in the Floodplain 


Topic Description: 

The applicant wishes to obtain a Category 23 Special Exception to allow fill in the FEMA 100-year floodplain for the proposed widening of Baldwin Street.  This request is a result of VDOT required transportation improvements for the Jamison Farm subdivision at the intersection of Baldwin Street (Route 673) and Route 15/29.  These improvements require modifications to the existing road that will impact the 100-year floodplain. 


Project Background:

The Jamison Farm subdivision, a 102-lot subdivision on 166.67 acres, is currently under development.  As proposed, the Baldwin street improvements will widen (by approximately 15 feet) this existing two-lane road at the intersection of Route 15/29 to include an additional lane.  This improvement is required based on the applicantís proposal to use Baldwin Street as its sole means of access except for a future emergency access point through the Lake Whippoorwill subdivision.  With the original Jamisonís Farm Preliminary Plat, the applicant has access options that included full access to Lake Whippoorwill or direct access to Route 29.

During the Construction Plan stage, the applicant, in conjunction with VDOT and staff, determined that the proposed sole access to Baldwin Street rather than direct access to Route 29 would provide for better traffic management.  However, to accomplish the required improvements fill in the floodplain will be required.

The fill in the floodplain will require a small portion of fill and extension of existing culverts that cross the road (part of the Mill Run 100-year floodplain).  This consists of approximately 354 linear feet of improvements along the 15/29 right-of-way and approximately 714 linear feet along Baldwin Street.  Existing road sections will be widened by 15 feet.  Baldwin Street is currently about 18 feet wide and barely accommodates two-way traffic.  The applicant indicates that the proposed improvements will promote better traffic flow and help address safety concerns at the intersection of Baldwin Street and Route 15/29.

The 100-year floodplain on the site is associated with Mill Run.  It is located in a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area.  The FEMA map was revised on February 20, 2003 to reflect a LOMR associated with this project.  The subdivision also has an approved Special Exception (SE02-S-19) to permit road crossings, storm water management facilities and grading associated with recreational and residential lots.  A Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) was issued by FEMA on July 6, 2004 for the improvements identified in the original Special Exception.  The hydrologic and hydraulic models developed for the CLOMR have been used as a basis for the study associated with this request.

The applicant will only need a CLOMR to address proposed modifications to the floodplain if the fill in the floodplain changes the flood elevations.  As proposed, the fill amounts and location should not change the flood elevation; however, the presented information does not represent the grading detail associated with a construction plan.  If more fill is actually placed in the area, it could affect the flood levels and the CLOMR would be required prior to land disturbance.

During the Planning Commissionís review of this Special Exception request the applicant, VDOT and County staff met several times.  The summary of those meetings indicated that the need for everyday highway capacity for the two roadways was paramount when compared to the less frequent flooding events.  Detailed design can be addressed at construction plan and must meet VDOT approval.  In addition, although it is not part of this Special Exception, the County and the applicant also agreed to resolve the interparcel connection issue with Whippoorwill Drive.

The applicant submitted an amended Statement of Justification and Special Exception Plat to reflect project changes.  It indicates that the Baldwin Street improvements have been developed in accordance with VDOT standards.  Further, the applicant states that in order to facilitate the transportation improvements at Baldwin Street, VDOT prefers to retain the existing culvert and extend the culverts for the necessary road widening, rather than replacing the existing culvert.  Although the existing culverts do not meet the current VDOT standard for roadway freeboard above the 448.56-foot water surface elevation, VDOT has determined the need for additional traffic capacity at this intersection on a daily basis overrides the need to adhere to the roadway freeboard requirement.

The increased length of the right turn lane will give vehicles more room to pull off of the travel lanes on Route 29 to slow down and make the right turn (as a through right turn) onto Baldwin Street.  According to the applicant, the proposed improvements will not cause an increase in the level of flooding or velocity of floodwaters and will not adversely impact offsite properties.


Land Area, Location and Zoning:    

The property is located within the Jamison Farm Phase 1A subdivision and adjacent to Baldwin Street (Route 673) and Route 15/29 in Warrenton.  A map of the parcel is shown below:




Neighboring Zoning/Land Use:

The parcel is bound by Residential-1 (R-1) to the east, south and a portion of the western boundary.  Highway 15/29 is adjacent to the western and northern property boundary.  Across Route 29,  the land to the north and west is zoned Rural Agricultural (RA). 


Action Requested of the Board of Supervisors:

Conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the attached resolution.


Planning Commission Recommendation:

On May 25, 2006, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on this item and voted unanimously to forward it to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval, subject to a series of development conditions.


Staff Analysis:

Staff and the appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and other relevant policies and regulations. Staff and referral agency findings, comments, and recommendations are summarized below. The actual responses from referral agencies are available upon request.


The Engineering Office has reviewed the above referenced plan and has the following comments:

1.        Based on the information provided, the proposed fill does not increase the flood heights or velocities on other properties.

2.        Fill from this project is not to preclude the installation of the trail shown on the phase 1A approved plans.


The Soils Office has reviewed the Special Exception and the following comments need to be addressed:

1.        State source of soil map as Preliminary Soils Report via Type 1 Soil Report by Fauquier County Soil Scientist Office, scale 1Ē = 400í.

2.        Soils in map unit 110A are hydric and area is potentially jurisdictional wetlands.

3.        Areas of 200 are extremely variable in its properties.  A geotechnical study is recommended to determine appropriate construction practices.

4.        Areas of 2A have a low bearing capacity especially when wet.  A geotechnical study is recommended.

5.        Areas of 415B have low bearing capacity when wet.  Construction activities are not recommended during periods of saturation.


The Warrenton Residency staff has reviewed the Special Exception for a floodplain crossing on Route 673, and has no comments at this time.  All design issues will be addressed with the construction plan.

Attachment 2 is a copy of the letter from the applicant to VDOT outlining the proposed construction criteria that were agreed upon during an April 11, 2006 project meeting.

Summary and Recommendation:

Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors consider the Planning Commissionís recommendation.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Fauquier County Department of Community Development

The Virginia Department of Highways


1.      Statement of Justification (4/20/06)

2.      April 11, 2006 Meeting Summary

3.      Special Exception Plat

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