Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

William G. Downey, Scott District Supervisor

June 8, 2006

Staff Lead:


Lori Hertig, GIS Director



A Resolution to Approve the Renaming of a Portion of VA Route 674, Georgetown Road, and a Portion of VA Route 628, Blantyre Road

Topic Description:

At the July 27, 2005 meeting of the Transportation Committee, a Scott District resident, Mrs. Katherine Weeden, spoke regarding a request to resolve some confusion with the official naming of a state maintained County roadway.   Mrs. Weeden stated that the section of Blantyre Road (VA Route 628) at Route 55 is very confusing to delivery trucks as well as emergency vehicles. 

The County Code, Chapter 5, Article I Buildings, Section 5-8 states that street name changes for public streets (those maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation) may only be initiated by the Board of Supervisors where it is necessary for the general health, safety, or welfare of County residents.  The Code does not necessitate the need for a public hearing in the case of a Board initiated change. 

The Board of Supervisors met at their regular meeting on April 13, 2006 and reviewed the request. Mr. Downey directed staff to notify residents in the immediately affected area of this proposed action in order to seek citizen feedback, and then moved to postpone a decision on the matter for up to sixty (60) days.  Mr. Graham seconded and, following discussion, the vote for the motion was unanimous. 

Staff contacted all owners along the affected roadways, receiving favorable responses from all, with the exception of Grace Episcopal Church.  A second letter was sent to Grace Episcopal Church, with no response having yet been received.  Copies of responses received are attached.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

Street sign replacement costs   $725.00 total 

2 Double blade signs @ $265 each, 1 Single blade sign @ $195 each

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Virginia Department of Transportation
Department of Emergency Services
Warrenton Fauquier Joint Communications Center
GIS Department
Property Owners along effected portions of Rt. 674, Georgetown Road and Rt. 628, Blantyre Road


1.                  Listing of owners along effected portions of Rt. 674, Georgetown Road

2.                  Listing of owners along effected portions of Rt. 628, Blantyre Road

3.                  Subject area map

4.                  Copies of questionnaire responses from affected owners


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