Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


Planning Commission


June 9, 2005

Staff Lead:



W. Todd Benson, Assistant Zoning Administrator


Community Development



A Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 7-604 to Allow Modification of Landscape Buffering Standards


Topic Description:


The amendment would allow the Zoning Administrator, in cases where similar uses adjoin each other, to approve a reduction in the buffer requirements between such similar uses in exchange for increased landscaping elsewhere on the site.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the attached Ordinance.


Financial Impact Analysis:

No financial impact analysis has been conducted.


Summary Staff Report:


The zoning ordinance regulations for landscaping buffers do not provide for different buffer requirements between different uses relative to similar uses.  There are many situations where it may not be necessary for the same buffering to be provided between two similar uses (i.e., a retail use and another retail use) as compared to two different uses (i.e., a retail use and a residential use).   It makes little sense, for example, to provide extensive landscaping around a pad site within a shopping center; rather, additional landscaping around the perimeter of the entire center would better meet the intent of the requirement.   This amendment would allow the Zoning Administrator to grant modifications during the site plan process that would allow internal buffers to be reduced in exchange for improving the buffering around the perimeter of an overall project or around the perimeter between uses with the greatest potential conflicts.


This is similar to another text amendment recently recommended by the Planning Commission and approved by the Board of Supervisors.


On April 26, 2005, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposed amendment and unanimously recommended it for adoption by the Board of Supervisors.

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Department of Economic Development



Proposed Text Amendment