Outcome of Contract Negotiations between Fauquier County and Hamilton Rich & Sons, Inc., May 20, 2005.


Section 4.2.5 of RFP: Erosion/Leachate Controls: Delete requirement for temporary plastic rain cover. Contractor will provide berms and pumps only.


Section 4.2.6 of RFP: Borrow Area: Delete requirement for temporary seeding. Owner will handle all seeding requirements through other sources.


Section of RFP: Litter Management: Contractor shall have one (1) full-time employee on-site at all times who shall be responsible for picking up litter. In the event additional employees are necessary, Contractor shall provide such employees on an as-needed basis and the Owner will be charged an hourly rate for these employees. The rate shall be the hourly rate charged to the Owner by Abacus Corporation for temporary employees under the Owner’s contract. Section 7, item f, Litter Management on Attachment B, pricing form of Hamilton Rich & Sons’ proposal shall be deleted from pricing. This is a cost savings to the Owner of $75,000.00.


Section 7, item b, Landfill #149, Attachment B, pricing form of Hamilton Rich & Sons’ proposal shall be changed to read: Cost will be a minimum of $60,000 per month or $7.50/ton per month, whichever is greater.


Fee to provide services above and beyond fifty-five (55) hours per week, Monday through Saturday, will be $526.41 per hour for Landfill #575.


When one of the five (5) major holidays falls on a Sunday, the fee of $6,316.92 per day will be paid for Landfill #575. These holidays include Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Fee to provide services on any Sunday at Landfill #575 will be $9,475.38.


Contractor will provide a roll-off truck on-site to empty containers at $25.00 per pull.


Section 7, item d, Wood Waste, Tire & Scrap Metal/Appliance Areas on Attachment B, pricing form of Hamilton Rich & Son’s proposal shall be increased to $82,220.00 and shall include hauling ground mulch over scales and to resident friendly area as needed.